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Resisting Through Rest Service

Celebrant: Ken Faunce
Tricia Hersey, the founder and creator of The Nap Ministry, invites us to interrogate and interrupt the oppressive, breakneck pace of Grind Culture by imagining the power and potential of a well-rested world. Deep rest, she asserts, becomes an act of resistance … read more.

Breathing Underwater Service

Celebrant: Julia Parker
Alexis Pauline Gumbs is a poet, scholar, and feminist whose book, Undrowned, offers “submerged wisdom” from the lives of marine mammals. Together, we’ll reflect on these oceanic lessons and meditations in hopes of finding inspiration as we swim through the murky waters … read more.

Imagination and Murmuration

Celebrant: Julie Skyving
In her books Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism, adrienne maree brown outlines a deeply relational and compassionate approach to the work of collective liberation. She invites us to cultivate the capacity to listen deeply, speak honestly, and find ways to move forward … read more.