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Apocalypse When? Weaving the World Anew

Guest Minister: Rev. Leisa Huyck

Muriel Rukeyser has said that the universe is composed not of atoms, but of stories. One of the most fundamental, and fear-inducing, stories of the dominant culture is that The Apocalypse–the end of the world–is looming near. But what does the … read more.


Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

Our Easter service this year will celebrate the resilience of the human spirit. Though we stumble and fall, though we are fallible, mortal, and grieving still we find the courage to transform.

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At Oneness

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Steven

Every culture and religion in the world carries stories of mystical experiences, moments when people felt at one with the universe/God/all that is. Brain science both confirms that these are a real phenomenon and gives us insight as to what … read more.