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Want to Borrow Tables/Chairs/Etc. from UUCP? Here’s How!

It isn’t unusual for one of us to borrow something from the church on occasion when we are hosting an event that needs some chairs, or you are putting on a reception and really could use a larger coffee pot. Our plastic chairs graced the stage at the Women’s March and again at the Climate March, and are often seen at parties at the McConnell Mansion. Our coffee pot goes to the Renaissance Fair and the Martin Luther King Jr Breakfast. While the church wants to support all these activities whenever possible, sometimes things go missing when they are needed at the church. To make this process go more smoothly, we are instituting a few rules for borrowing.

  1. Check the calendar with Summer to be sure that there is not an event at the church that will need the item of interest.
  2. Fill out the Lending Log with your name, phone number or e mail address, what you are borrowing, the time the items are taken and the time the items are returned. Of course, be sure the items are clean and in good condition when returned. You may be asked to pay a security fee refundable upon return of the borrowed items.

Thanks in advance for helping to make this easy and stress-free for us all!