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Indigenous People’s Day

Speaker:  Gary Dorr
Celebrant:  Nancy Nelson

Each year, we honor the people who have lived on the Palouse time immemorial and take time to learn more about the traditions and history, from their point of view. Gary Dorr, a member of the Nez Perce Tribe, … read more.

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Ryan Urie

Ryan Urie


We knew we can’t do this all on our own. We need a community. Now, we come for the peace and feeling of belonging.

Margaret Dibble

Margaret Dibble


I sometimes think the most amazing thing about the church is that I go to it. I’m not a natural church goer. I’m neither religious nor spiritual.

Al Chidester

Big Al Chidester - Musician and radio host  

You never have to make excuses for what gets said here. It’s all clear, what people are saying.