UUCP Green Sanctuary Committee (GSC)

GSC Mission: In wonder and awe of the natural world, we seek to transform ourselves and our communities in order to help heal our planet.

The UUA Green Sanctuary Program provides congregations a path to examine their environmental impacts and work towards more sustainable practices. The program has 4 focus areas: Environmental Justice, Worship and Celebration, Religious Education and Sustainable Living.

The UUCP Green Sanctuary committee was established in 2012 and we’ve been sponsoring activities to increase our, the congregation’s and our communities environmental and sustainability knowledge and actions. Our purpose is to provide inspiration, information, worship and educational activities regarding environmental justice, sustainability, and appreciation of nature through services, organized classes, short talks and other activities.

We invite all who share these values to join us on this journey of connection, sustainability, and hope. Contact Margaret Dibble to get involved. And join our broad and growing movement for climate justice with Commit2Respond.


GSC Covenant Approved by Congregation May 10, 2015 (Final)
UUA Green Paper GP1-Text
UUA Green Paper GP2-Text
UUA Green Paper GP3-Text
UUA Green Paper GP4-Text
UUA Green Paper Intro-Text
Working Through Environmental Despair – 2 Page Excerpt
Working Through Environmental Despair – Joanna Macy – Full Document