If you have been attending UUCP for awhile and appreciate what you find here, we encourage you to consider becoming a member. Why not reap the rewards that come from participation and inclusion?

How to become a Member

We have a New Member ceremony twice a year, usually in November and April, during a Sunday Service. This is your chance to officially become a part of us. Please let Rev. Elizabeth know if you are interested and ready to join us. It is most helpful to attend a New to UU Workshop so you will be well versed about the Unitarian Universalist denomination and our local UUCP. This will help you decide, but does not obligate you to join. These workshop lunches are held every 4 to 6 weeks.

Privileges of Membership

  • The wonderful feeling of ownership and belonging to a welcoming, fun, spiritually uplifting, intellectually stimulating and generous congregation that makes a difference in the wider community.
  • A vote in all congregational meetings. Usually, at our congregational meetings, we vote on budgets and Board members, but sometimes we vote on social justice issues, to call or terminate a minister’s contract, or other decisions deemed too important to the life of the congregation for the Board to handle on its own.
  • The possibility of sitting on the Board of Trustees. Only congregational members may become Board members.
  • A subscription to the Unitarian Universalist World Magazine published by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Regular attendance at Sunday Services. This is your community and we hope you will treasure it with your presence and support.
  • Volunteer your time and talent. Please complete the Congregational Connections Card so that we may know where your interests lie and can help you connect appropriately with people/groups to better enrich your church experience and feeling of belonging.
  • Before voting on any issue, please make it your business to be well informed on the issue before casting your vote.
  • Participation in the annual fund drive. This congregation is built upon the many gifts of time, talent, energy and money from its many members and friends. Simply put, we need money to keep our doors open, our minister and staff paid, our programs funded and our building standing.

Meaningful Membership: suggestions to optimize your experience

  • Attend Sunday Services regularly.
  • Participate each year in a program that helps you grow in mind and spirit.
  • Participate in one or more social action projects to the wider community each year.
  • Volunteer your time and talent to at least one church project and/or committee each year.
  • Help foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our newcomers and fellow congregants.
  • Practice generosity in your charitable giving to both our church and our social action projects.
  • Help spread the word about our church and what it means to you.