Our Whole Lives is our values-based sexuality curriculum that truly is one of the foundations of our religious exploration program.

After a long covid-related delay we are offering the heart of our comprehensive sexuality program Our Whole Lives for grades 7-9! This program equips teens with the information they need to make healthy, fact based decisions about who they are as people in human bodies.  More than just reproduction and sex, this program helps teens learn about healthy relationships in all forms, promotes positive body image,  helps them think critically about media influences, and supports them learning how to make decisions in high emotion situations.

A mandatory Parent Orientation will be held at the end of September with the classes starting in October and will run through April. Youth classes will take place 12:30-2:00/2:30 twice per month with holidays off. An optional Parent Group will be held monthly.

We will have 12 spots on a first come, first serve basis with priority for those in the UU community. Please use the waitlist as not all people who want more info will end up signing up, and we will offer any extra spots to the wider Palouse community if any are available.

For more information please contact our Director of Family Ministries, Ginger Yoder.


At Home Resources

There are some amazing recourses out there to help parents and children find their way in this sea of sometimes conflicting and always confusing messages concerning sexuality education.  Here are links to vetted resources for your family:

Kindergarten – Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade – Adult