Middle School meets during the 10 am service and is a combined class with our 4th and 5th graders. 

To learn more about our learning philosophy please see Learning Overview or contact our Director of Family Ministries, Ginger Allen.

Grades 6-8: Crossing Paths

Meet in the Yellow House Main, 10 am service after the Time for All Ages portion.

This year our youth will explore nine of the worlds diverse faiths through the Crossing Paths program, a reinvention of the popular “Neighboring Faiths” curriculum.  Each month will focus on a different faith, exploring the values each share and their uniqueness. Visits to other faith congregations gives youth a meaningful way to experience the faith and gives a chance for inquiry and discovery.   Each month is also aligned with our Soul Matters theme giving youth a way to engage with the whole congregation.

Importantly, Crossing Paths is not just about encountering other faith traditions. It is designed to help youth mature as Unitarian Universalists. Along the way, they will be challenged to think theologically, learn distinctive UU spiritual practices and strengthen their relationship with their home church community. This is a journey into the world; it is also a journey back home. It is helping give the gift of identity and community.