Social justice work has long been a part of Unitarian Universalism. Before their merger, Unitarians and Universalists were active in making the world a better place, through involvement in abolition, women’s suffrage, temperance, prison reform, and numerous other causes. After merger, activism continued in civil rights, the peace movement, the feminist movement, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights (LGBT) and environmental justice. Many of our congregations offered sanctuary to draft resisters, provided staging areas for local civil rights marches, organized buses to demonstrations across the United States, worked for the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution, provided sanctuary to immigrants. Many people come to UU congregations first and foremost because of our liberal voice in the community on these important issues.

It cannot be emphasized enough that Unitarian Universalism entails not only the right and responsibility to come to our own theological understanding-a freedom of belief-but that freedom of belief also calls us, demands us, to participate in social justice work. The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse has a long history of social justice work. The UUCP provides ongoing support for the local LGBT community, Black Lives Matter, DACA, undocumented and documented immigrants, and refugees. We support and work with our local Native American tribes, and hold a yearly potluck picnic with the local Muslim community.

Our Month of Sundays collection provides donations to a variety of local groups and organizations such as Planned Parenthood, local food banks and the Latah Recovery Center.

Every year we operate a food booth at the Moscow Renaissance Fair to raise funds for charities, with the Sudan Medical Relief Fund being a main recipient. We participate in the Pride Parade and Pride Festival every year and help sponsor films and other events on a variety of social justice issues. For several years the church has participated in the Summer Backpack Program, which provides summer lunches for children in need in our community. Also, we participate in the “Stuff the Bus” program to provide school supplies for families in need. We hold monthly Social Justice Brown Bags to discuss social justice topics of importance in our nation and community.