Rev. Elizabeth Stevens

Heard and Held

In an increasingly fractured and isolating world, many people are searching for deep connections, forged through open-hearted listening and honest and vulnerable speaking. Being heard and held heals trauma and grief. Meanwhile, being trusted to listen is the true antidote to loneliness. We will install … read more.

That Which Is Worthy

On this day, we will honor Veterans and welcome new members of our congregation. Together, we’ll reflect on what values, institutions, and dreams are worthy of our dedication and sacrifice. If you are interested in joining the church, please contact the minister or Elisabeth Berlinger, … read more.

Stones of Remembrance

We are the living legacies of those who have gone before. This service will offer the opportunity to reflect on the nature and shape of the legacies we embody, and to express our gratitude for those we love who have died. Feel free to bring … read more.

A House for Hope

Service Leaders:  Rev. Elizabeth Stevens and Rachel Maxwell, consultant

Together, we’ll reflect on the purpose and the future of our church. Why are we here? What are we doing? Why does it matter? What are we resisting? What are we promoting? What are we building together?


Jewish High Holy Days: Again and Again

Reaching a goal requires not just locking in a destination, but making many tiny adjustments to stay on course. The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) offers one opportunity to reflect on our lives and make those course corrections. Meanwhile, our small … read more.

Pride Sunday

What does the bible really say about sexuality? What are the roots of homophobia? And why is it so very important that we stand, loudly and proudly, as people of faith¸ in support of LGBTQ rights and the LGBTQ community…especially in these turbulent times.