Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens

Keep on Moving Forward

Rev. Stevens’ final sermon before her sabbatical will be a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the ways his legacy lives on in today’s social movements.

Each Day One More

“…It starts when you say We/and know who you mean, and each/day you mean one more.”
Our church community plays an important role in our local community. We are also a part of the wider Unitarian Universalist community, and the larger faith community. How do … read more.

The Parable of Maybe

The best writers could never imagine the twists and turns life sometimes takes. Unitarian Universalists, for the most part, reject the idea that these twists and turns happen according to fate or to God’s will, but we can embrace our capacity … read more.

The Burning Service

This annual contemplative service is centered on the ritual of burning the things from the previous year we are ready to let go of- and holding on to the things we have learned and want to carry forward with us.


Remembering Thomas Merton

Worship Associates:  Jamal Lyksett and Patricia Jessup

Mystic, monk, theologian, pacifist…Thomas Merton, who died 50 years ago on December 10, 1968, inspired many with his gentle wisdom and his unique insights…including the three of us. Join us as we share the points of resonance and the … read more.

Heard and Held

In an increasingly fractured and isolating world, many people are searching for deep connections, forged through open-hearted listening and honest and vulnerable speaking. Being heard and held heals trauma and grief. Meanwhile, being trusted to listen is the true antidote to loneliness. We will install … read more.

That Which Is Worthy

On this day, we will honor Veterans and welcome new members of our congregation. Together, we’ll reflect on what values, institutions, and dreams are worthy of our dedication and sacrifice. If you are interested in joining the church, please contact the minister or Elisabeth Berlinger, … read more.