Rev. Elizabeth Stevens

Jewish High Holy Days: Again and Again

Reaching a goal requires not just locking in a destination, but making many tiny adjustments to stay on course. The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) offers one opportunity to reflect on our lives and make those course corrections. Meanwhile, our small … read more.

Pride Sunday

What does the bible really say about sexuality? What are the roots of homophobia? And why is it so very important that we stand, loudly and proudly, as people of faith¸ in support of LGBTQ rights and the LGBTQ community…especially in these turbulent times.


Four Faiths

UU Minister Fred Campbell proposes that within Unitarian Universalism, there are four primary theological camps:  humanism, naturalism, mysticism and theism. In this service, we’ll look briefly at each of these patterns of belief and explore the ways they mirror, challenge, and enrich one another.


Bridging Ceremony

The focus of this service will be our graduating High School seniors. We’ll celebrate them, as well as acknowledging other transitions in the lives of our children and youth.

Question Box Sunday

Do you have a question you’ve been wanting to ask your minister? What are your wonderings, your ponderings, the subjects you’d like to hear more about? Who knows what will happen in this free-form service built around questions submitted on the spot by members of … read more.

Earth Day

In celebration of the 48th Earth Day, we’ll reflect on several exciting new strategies for protecting and loving our blue boat home. In particular, we’ll be inspired by “Our Children’s Trust”, the group that is “Leading the game-changing, youth-driven, global climate recovery campaign to secure … read more.