November Board Meeting Summary:

At their November meeting, the UUCP Board of Trustees agreed on the 2019 budget that will be submitted to congregation for a vote at the December 9 Congregational Meeting. Anyone who wishes to see the line-item budget should contact Judy LaLonde. The Board also approved the formation of a new Audio/Visual Committee. Bereavement leave for Reverend Elizabeth was approved for November 30th through December 12th. The Board also discussed ongoing work to provide more opportunities for involvement for Pullman UUs, including a monthly vespers with a possible potluck and a bimonthly parent group similar to the one now offered in Moscow. As a reminder, the next Congregational Meeting will be held December 9 after service, and the next Board meeting will be held December 19.

October Board Meeting Summary:

At their October meeting, the UUCP Board agreed to begin the facilities planning timeline suggested in the Next Steps Report provided by our stewardship consultant, Rachel Maxwell. This report is available on the UUCP website, and printed copies will also be available in the church foyer. The next Congregational Meeting is scheduled for December 9 and will include a vote on how we want to proceed with a capital campaign, as detailed in the report. A full agenda for this meeting will be sent out by November 25. The Board also discussed the future of Family Promise, which is currently suffering from a lack of volunteers. The commitment of the congregation to this program will also be assessed at the Congregational Meeting.

September Board Meeting Summary:

At their September 19th meeting, the UUCP Board made plans for the Breakfast With the Board on September 30th, from 8:30-9:30, and the Next Steps Weekend scheduled for October 5th, 6th, and 7th.  The Board also picked a tentative date for the second phase of the feasibility study. The Board discussed making signs and ordering sign posts to designate reserved parking places for elderly or limited-mobility members. The Board also discussed our growing need for RE program volunteers.

UUCP Board’s letter to the congregation about our Next Steps weekend in October:

UUCP Congregational Stewardship Visit Oct 5-7

As we prepare to make major decisions about our future facilities and programs, we’re excited to announce that UU Stewardship Consultant, Rachel Maxwell, will be with us on October 5th, 6thand 7th.

Rachel will meet with our board on Friday evening and on Saturday with our staff, church leadership, and several committees. She will be identifying recommended next steps and practical information to help us successfully achieve our stated goals.

On Sunday after the service Rachel will present her initial observations and recommendations to our entire congregation and will be there to answer your questions. A detailed written report delivered within two weeks of the visit will contain congregational survey results, data analysis, techniques for successful campaigns, UUA and district/regional resources applicable for our fellowship, and a timeline of recommendations customized for us.

Please plan to attend the congregation meeting on Sundayso that we will get the most out of our weekend with Rachel. Coffee and childcare will be provided during her presentation after the Sunday service.

If you have questions, feel free to contact any of us.

Your UUCP Board:
Joe Pallen, Mary Ellen Radziemski, Ryan Urie,Charla Willis,Mary DuPree, Dan J Schmidt, Marisa Gibler, Lynna Stewart, Gene Siple

Based on the feedback of the congregation through the facilities discernment process and the census report, the UUCP Board offers the following vision for the future of our church:

“The UUCP is a church that serves the entire Palouse region. As a program-based church, we will support and expand our existing church offerings while also exploring new opportunities to meet the needs of our UUCP family and the rest of the Palouse. We will anticipate and welcome congregational growth at our existing campus by improving and expanding our facilities in a financially responsible manner and by ensuring that they reflect our commitment to being welcoming of and accessible to everyone.”

August Board Meeting Summary:

At the August 15 meeting of the UUCP Board of Trustees, the Board decided to commence with a feasibility analysis as the next step for determining the future of our church facilities. A “Next Steps Weekend” event will be held in late September or early October, and all members of the church are encouraged to participate.

The Board also discussed ways to provide adequate parking and seating for community members with limited mobility. The Board also began planning for this year’s annual pledge drive and discussed how to cover the various expenses associated with Reverend Elizabeth’s upcoming sabbatical.

July 2018, Board  Meeting Summary:

At their June meeting, the UUCP Board approved updates to the Safe Congregation Policy. As Jon Anderson has recently accepted a new position at the University of Idaho, the Board approved hiring Paul Thompson to replace him as our choir director and hiring Lynna Stewart as the choir accompanist. Jon will continue serving as the UUCP music director. The Board is also moving forward with commissioning a feasibility analysis to inform our facilities planning process.

July’s “Breakfast With the Board” event was a big success, and we’re grateful for all the feedback we received from community members. The next Breakfast With the Board is tentatively scheduled for September 30. Please plan to come and bring your questions and concerns about the direction of the church!

June 2018, Board  Meeting Summary:

At the June meeting of the UUCP Board of Trustees, the board agreed to hold a Breakfast With the Board event to improve the transparency of Board activities and encourage communication between the Board and the congregation. The event is scheduled for July 15, 8:30-9:30 in the church basement. The Board recently held a half-day retreat to discuss the report from the Facilities Planning Task Force, and this issue will be discussed further at the Breakfast With the Board event. The Board also discussed the recently released church census report and will continue discussing at the July meeting how to best implement the feedback from the congregation.

May 2018, Board  Meeting Summary:

In order to improve transparency, the UUCP Board is now providing monthly board meeting summaries (like the following) in the UUCP newsletter and on the web.

At their May 2018 meeting, the UUCP Board of Trustees discussed at length the report of the Facilities Planning Task Force, available both in the newsletter and on the UUCP website. (The report and other related documents can be found on the Board’s document page.)  The Board is planning a retreat to discuss the report in greater detail, weigh various options, and determine the next steps toward reaching a congregational consensus on this extremely important decision. If you have additional input on this topic after reviewing the report, please contact a Board member directly (look for the blue name tags!).

The Board also approved a new Personnel Policy and a revised Facilities Use Policy; both are available for review at the church office. The Board approved changing the title of the Director of Religious Exploration to Director of Family Ministries to better reflect Ginger’s actual duties. Ginger’s assistant, Veronica, will also have her job title updated to Family Ministries Program Associate.

The next Board meeting will be June 13 at 6:30 in the Sanctuary. As a reminder, all members of the UUCP congregation are welcome to attend.