UU Community Quilt Project!

We are embarking on a fun and exciting project and need your help! We are creating a community quilt to hang in the RE hall of our new building that expresses our hopes, dreams and inspirations for our community in this building and beyond.  We would love it if everyone could create a square to be sewn together – you are an essential part of our community and don’t want anyone left out!

Last Sunday those in service were able to begin their squares, and if you weren’t able to be there Ginger has pre-cut quilt squares and fabric markers in take home packets for you to use. You can pick one up at the church office during Summer’s office hours or Ginger can mail one to you!! There are simple directions in the packets to guide you, but the basics are this:
  • Draw or write what you hope this church community can do to support the world. This could be simply colors, a word or two, a symbol…anything!
  • Return by the end of April to Ginger for the quilt to be ready by our building dedication in September.
Contact: Ginger Yoder