Plans for Reopening UUCP

Dear members and friends of the UU Church of the Palouse,

Now that the governor of Idaho has rescinded the stay at home order, we’ve begun to field inquiries about the return to in-person church. These decisions are made by the safety committee, which is comprised of myself, our Director of Family Ministries, and three physicians. Our decisions will be guided by scientific facts and their expertise.

At this time, they feel it would be unwise to begin gathering in person again. While the number of cases locally is fairly low, we have several ‘hot spots’ nearby. There is a significant risk that someone might unknowingly bring the virus to our facilities, exposed by someone who picked it up in a nearby community.

While now isn’t the time, we will, at some point, begin meeting in person again. At that point, you can expect a gradual return to business as usual. We’re discussing ways to gather while social distancing. This will be easier for small groups; Sunday services will likely take longer to figure out.

With each change, we will be discussing how to keep our community and activities fully accessible to those members who are medically fragile and self-isolating for their own protection. In addition to the safety committee, the worship committee, the tech committee, and the board of trustees are looking at how to effectively integrate in person and online participation.

I can’t tell you how much I miss seeing you all in person. I, too, am mourning all the cancellations and missed opportunities. I look forward to our warm, in-person greetings. But until there is a treatment or a vaccine, a hasty return to ‘normal’ endangers lives. It’s important that we stay strong.

I love you all. We’ll keep doing all we can to provide opportunities to connect safely, online and over the phone. If you are struggling, please let someone know.

Hang in there.

(Rev.) Elizabeth