The Shelter of Each Other

Service Leader: The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens
Celebrant: Julia Parker

In this time when the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps getting wider, when profit is king and the political gap between right and left stymies attempts to ameliorate suffering, it is vital that we establish, promote, and create structures that support an ethic of community care. When the social safety net falls apart, we’ll need to rely on the shelter of each other.

Opening Hymn: #153 Oh, I Woke Up This Morning
Meditation: by Gretchen Haley (I know we have dreams …)
Gift of Music:  “Bird on a Wire” by Leonard Cohen. Performed by Chelsea Byrd Llewallen.
Reading: by Roderick Strugglass (Abridged)
Closing Hymn: #1017 Building a New Way
Closing Reading: Community Means Strength By Starhawk
Musical Benediction: There is a Love