The Power of Small Group Ministry

Service Leader: Ryan Urie

Celebrant:  Ashley Anderson

The Small Group Ministry program at UUCP provides an opportunity for congregants to discuss spiritual matters with fellow UUs in order to deepen their spirituality and to weave a sense of community and belonging. Come learn about the opportunities and benefits of this hands-on approach to spiritual growth from active participants in the program and find out if it might be right for you!

Welcome and Announcements

Territorial Acknowledgement

Chalice Lighting and Sung Affirmation

Opening Words

Opening Hymn:  #1002, Comfort Me

Time for All Ages:  Backpack Blessing Ceremony

Reeb Benediction


Meditation:  Listen, by Mary Oliver

Meditation in Silence

Musical Meditation – Talk, by Coldplay

Reading: From Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future by Margaret Wheatley


Closing Hymn:  #1021, Lean On Me

Closing Reading:  by George E Odell

Musical Benediction:  There Is a Love

Embodying the Flame

Spoken Benediction