The Fabric of Our Community, All Ages Service

Service Leader: Ginger Yoder, DFM

Each of us has hopes and dreams for our community, but just like an unhemmed piece of fabric they fray without the support of stitching us all together. This Sunday we will begin our first church quilt in our new building while reflecting on all we can become together.

Poem:  by Rev. Theresa I Soto, A Charm for Hope: A String

Opening Hymn:  #1000, Morning Has Broken

Meditation:  A House for Our Dreams, By Dori J. Somers

Gift of Music:  Imagine by John Lennon, Jon and Rand Band

Closing Hymn:  #1057, Go Lifted Up

Closing Reading:  -we hold hope close by Rev. Theresa I. Soto

Musical Benediction:  Home by Phillip Phillips, Jon and Rand Band