INGATHERING: Water Communion

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

This is our annual service of re-gathering and re-committing to one another and our deep values.

We’d like each of you to send us a photograph of you holding a sign with words or a drawing sharing one of four things: something you’ve learned, something you are grateful for, something you need, or a blessing you’d like to offer the community. If you want to make more than one sign in order to contribute in multiple categories, that’s fine- but please take a separate picture of each one. You can also send us pictures you’ve taken of water – bodies of water, drops of water, etc.

Send all of your contributions to us via email ( or upload directly to this Google drive: folders/1ZIh22_Lzf5ImdXhc10SIwExOTKPlavAd?usp=sharing.

Also, be on the lookout for a care package from the church, which will include a small bottle of water for a ritual we can do together, each in our own space.

Video service

Audio service