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Collective Resilience

As individual people, we have limits. We need breaks and rest. We have strengths and gifts, but we also have blind spots and things that are especially hard for us to handle. Luckily, none of us have to rely solely on ourselves. What are the … read more.

Practices of Resilience

There are specific habits and practices that help us metabolize and integrate trauma, grief, and other challenges. What are they? Shall we try some of them out together?

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The Joy of Resilience

What do we know about the nature of resilience? What beliefs support the capacity to learn and grow in the face of difficulties? Can we stay strong and joyful when the going gets rough?

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Right Speech, Right Action

What are the practices that help us bring our speech and our actions into alignment with our deep values? How do we train ourselves to respond skillfully, rather than reacting instinctively? The answers will be different for everyone, but the questions are worth pondering together.

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White Lies

On the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Unitarian minister James Reeb in Selma, AL (an event which helped turn the tide of public support for the Civil Rights Act), two journalists with Southern roots and liberal educations went back to the scene of the … read more.

Understanding the Epidemic

Each year, Elizabeth auctions off a sermon topic to raise funds for the church. This year’s winner, Pat Rathmann, has asked her to reflect on a difficult subject that deserves our attention and focus. The epidemic of Gun violence in our nation shows no signs … read more.

Make Space for Change

Both in our lives and in our structures change is constant. For change to occur there needs to be space for the new to grow. We will reflect on making space for change.

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The Burning Service

This annual contemplative service is centered on the ritual of burning the things from the previous year we are ready to let go of – and holding on to the things we have learned and want to carry forward with us.



Christmas Eve Late Service: Deep Joy

In this season of dark, cold nights, we tap into our deep sources of joy. Joy soothes our fears, ameliorates our loneliness, and brings us peace and purpose in the present moment. Can we live and love with abundant joy?


Christmas Eve Family Service: Joy to the World

The hymn “Joy to the World” was penned by Isaac Watts 300 years ago, in 1719! What do the words of this Christmas favorite actually mean? And how do we celebrate joy and the world during the holiday season, and all the year round? This … read more.