Less Overwhelm, More Mindfulness

Service Leader:  Jamie Derrick

Clinical psychologist, professor, and facilitator of UI Mind, Jamie Derrick will be our guest.  She will offer some reflections on how to find balance and inner peace.


Joys and Sorrows – Sorrow comes into every life…so together, we create a circle of compassion, wide enough to hold all the sorrow in our heart, all the pain in our lives.   Joy, too, comes into every life.  This world and the people in it are unbearably beautiful.  Together, we create a circle of celebration, deep enough to hold all the joy in our lives.  


If you have a joy or a sorrow you would like to share, please contact Rev. Elizabeth at revehstevens@gmail.com or (208)310-5937.  With your permission, we’ll include it in our virtual service on Sunday.  If you can, include a photo of yourself.  Any joys or sorrows received by 3 pm Friday will be included in this Sunday’s service.  Any that come in after that may need to go in the week following.

Video service

You can find our Sunday worship service at 10:00 am on Zoom using either a computer or a phone. Connecting with each other – even electronically – is a great comfort. Please join us if you can. Instructions for joining the Zoom service are on palousuu.org – look for a link on the front page.


This Week’s Zoom Tip! Once you have downloaded Zoom, you can access Rev. Elizabeth’s Zoom Room for worship without needing to access a link.  Just start the Zoom app, choose “Join”, and either enter the number (662-139-0963) or find it in the drop-down menu.  This will work to get you into any virtual gathering hosted by Elizabeth.


What to Expect During a  Zoom Service:  If you sign in with a computer, you will begin to see the faces of people who are sharing their video. Please keep your voice muted with the “mute” button. (Later in the service, you will be invited to un-mute and talk to others.) You do not have to share your video if you don’t want to or can’t. 

The service begins with readings, music and a chalice lighting. If you have a candle or chalice at home, have it ready so you can light a flame, too. Music may be recordings of UU choirs or singers. Sometimes, you will have the words so you can sing along. Elizabeth, or another speaker, will talk directly to you, affirming the things we hold most dear and offering the encouragement we need. 

At some time during the service, expect a “break-out” session, which will put you in an electronic “room” with a group of about 10 people. Lay Pastoral Ministers will lead the group in a brief check-in, allowing everyone to speak for a minute or two, sharing their joys and concerns. 

The service ends when we extinguish our chalices together.