Apocalypse When? Weaving the World Anew

Guest Minister: Rev. Leisa Huyck

Muriel Rukeyser has said that the universe is composed not of atoms, but of stories. One of the most fundamental, and fear-inducing, stories of the dominant culture is that The Apocalypse–the end of the world–is looming near. But what does the word “apocalypse” really mean? How can we let go of old stories that cause fear and suffering, and embrace new stories that bring possibility and hope?

Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck was an ecologist who worked in sustainability research and education for 20 years before becoming a minister. She is called to help bring about the spiritual transformation our culture needs in order to live on our beautiful blue-green planet sustainably, with love and justice for all. UUCP has a very special place in her heart, because it is where she discovered Unitarian Universalism three decades ago.

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