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Family Promise Update

To prepare for our March 10-17 Family Promise hosting, we are going to have a service with Bruce Pittman, Chair of the Family Promise Board of Directors as speaker. He will update us on the Family Promise program. After the service, at 12:00, there will … read more.

There Is No Away

In these difficult times, what does it mean to dispose of people, of shared values, of rubbish? It turns out that even if we dismiss someone or something from our presence, it remains part of the interconnected web of all existence. We will examine … read more.

Celebrating Charles Darwin

A big theological house has room for many ideas, including exploration of the Unitarian Universalist connection to scientific thought and reason. Charles Darwin offered this idea, “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively … read more.

The Possibility of New Beginnings

The Possibility of New Beginnings

Service Leader:  Rev. Theresa Soto

What are you bringing into the new year? Let’s talk about what a beginning can hold, as we celebrate the beginning of sabbatical ministry. Come ready to explore and expand ideas.

Keep on Moving Forward

Rev. Stevens’ final sermon before her sabbatical will be a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the ways his legacy lives on in today’s social movements.

Each Day One More

“…It starts when you say We/and know who you mean, and each/day you mean one more.”
Our church community plays an important role in our local community. We are also a part of the wider Unitarian Universalist community, and the larger faith community. How do … read more.

The Parable of Maybe

The best writers could never imagine the twists and turns life sometimes takes. Unitarian Universalists, for the most part, reject the idea that these twists and turns happen according to fate or to God’s will, but we can embrace our capacity … read more.


The wheel has turned once again and the cold winds of winter are blowing. Come join us December 22nd on the last full moon of the year to celebrate the winter solstice with community and song in the Sanctuary. The doors will open 4:30 and … read more.