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The 21st Century

The UUCP summer service looking at the decades concludes with the 2000s and a conversation between Ginger George and Theo Jones about their experience of these years.

The Nineties

Join us for an exploration of life and the 1990s, exploring the music and the memories and the challenges through the memories of our members and friends.

The Eighties

This decade is not recent history but neither is it the distant past. It’s not hard to draw a line from personal computers, the Moral Majority and AIDS to life today. How do the ’80s live on in you? How did the ’80s change our … read more.

The Sixties

Bob Dylan defined the decade with one line in a song: “The times they are a changin’”. How did this decade change you – or set the stage for your eventual arrival? What did our society gain or lose during this time? The ’60s changed … read more.

The Post War Years

This summer, we are exploring our individual and collective history with a series we are calling “Time Travelers.” We’ll begin this Sunday with the post-WWII years. How did your family experience the ’50s? Can you still see the effects of this era in our society … read more.

Celebrate the July 4th Holiday Together

Members and friends of the UUCP will gather at Kamiak Butte for a pancake breakfast and hike, beginning at 10 a.m. There will be no service online or in our church building.

Morning Worship at the UUA’s General Assembly

Service Leaders: Rev.’s Gretchen Haley, Sean Neil-Barron, and Shari Halliday–Quan

Once a year, UU’s across the country attend a single worship service as it’s being presented at General Assembly. This powerful, communal worship experience will be live streamed both on Zoom and in the Sanctuary for … read more.

Intergenerational Flower Communion

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens and Ginger Yoder, DFM

Our first full multi-platform service, with the sanctuary open and virtual participation welcomed, as well. We will celebrate being back in our beautiful building and explore this new way of being together.

Service Sunday

Service Leader: All

After a very brief opening worship, offered both online and in person, we’ll set to work cleaning, unpacking, and getting ready for our official re-opening. Those who aren’t comfortable helping in person are invited to write letters to legislators or choose another way … read more.