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Celebrating Earth Day

Service Leaders: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens and Elliott Moffat

This will be a service of awe and thanksgiving for our miraculous planet. We’ll hear reflections from Elliott Moffat, a member of the Nez Perce Tribe who has been active in the Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment and … read more.

The Roots of Hate

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

In response to vandalism at Temple Beth Shalom in Spokane, the UU church (along with other local churches and organizations) has committed to a preach in/ teach in on how to counter hate crime and anti-Semitism in our local context. … read more.

Apocalypse When? Weaving the World Anew

Guest Minister: Rev. Leisa Huyck

Muriel Rukeyser has said that the universe is composed not of atoms, but of stories. One of the most fundamental, and fear-inducing, stories of the dominant culture is that The Apocalypse–the end of the world–is looming near. But what does the … read more.


Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

Our Easter service this year will celebrate the resilience of the human spirit. Though we stumble and fall, though we are fallible, mortal, and grieving still we find the courage to transform.

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Audio service

At Oneness

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Steven

Every culture and religion in the world carries stories of mystical experiences, moments when people felt at one with the universe/God/all that is. Brain science both confirms that these are a real phenomenon and gives us insight as to what … read more.

Exploring Fear

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

Fear can be an uncomfortable emotion, but it plays an important role in our lives and on our spiritual paths. In this service, we’ll explore the nature of fear, the different flavors of fear, and the skills that help us … read more.

The Purpose of Poetry

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar

What is the purpose of poetry? What is the purpose of religion? How do the two purposes overlap, and how might one inform the other? Our speaker, Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar is both a UU minister and a published poet, … read more.

One Year In

Service Leaders: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens and Friends

We are coming up on a full year of being in quarantine and unable to worship in person. This is only one of the many changes we have weathered together! What have we learned in this time about … read more.

Living Wholeheartedly

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

The first in a sermon series sharing the fruits gleaned from a deep dive into the work and writing of clinical psychologist Brené Brown, whose work on shame, courage, and authenticity offers a much needed perspective on how to craft … read more.

Side with Love

Special service provided by the UUA

What if to “side with love” meant making bold, faith-full choices? What if it were even a little bit scary? This worship service brings together worship leaders and musicians from across the country to offer hopeful, moving, challenging reminders about … read more.