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Stone Soup Sunday

Service Leader: Ginger Yoder, Director of Family Ministries


This UUCP tradition will, of course, look a little different this year. However, it has never been more appropriate to celebrate the way people come together to sustain our community and one another. The virtual service will be … read more.

Connect, Relate, Belong: Antidotes for These Times

Service Leader: Rev. Deanna Vandiver

In the face of dehumanization, devastation, and death, humans have gathered throughout the centuries to create life affirming communities of faith. Here, to- gether, we practice the art and science of loving each other through the messy, glorious chaos of life. … read more.

A Struggle of Many Lifetimes

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

The late Congressman John Lewis will be our guide in understanding, celebrating and recommitting to the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., all these years later.

To join the service, please click here for Zoom … read more.

Wintering Service

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

Built around excerpts from the lovely book by Katherine May (Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times), this service will invite contemplation of the ways we are transformed by grief, pain and loss.

Video service

Audio service

Embracing Epiphanies

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

Sometimes clarity comes suddenly, in ‘a-ha’ moments we feel deep in our bones. When we trust that clarity and follow it, just like the wise men followed the star, these moments lead us to a truer, more joyful and peaceful … read more.

The Burning Service

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

This annual contemplative service is centered on the ritual of burning the things from the previous year we are ready to let go of- and holding on to the things we have learned and want to carry forward with us. … read more.

Lighting Candles and Carrying Confetti

Service Leader: Rev. Leela Sinha

There’s anticipating, there’s hoping, and then there’s what you do when you know in your bones that things have changed, but nothing shows.

Rev Leela Sinha (ze/zim) is a lifelong UU and an entrepreneurial UU minister writing, coaching, and consulting with leaders … read more.

Reclaiming the Holy

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

On this Sunday that falls in the midst of the Jewish festival of Hanukah, we’ll reflect on the ancient story and explore the ways it resonates through the ages.

Please click here for Zoom link and login information.

Video … read more.

Birthing a New Day

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens

In “A Sikh Prayer for America on November 9th, 2016”, Valarie Kaur asks the question, “What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb?” Using this prayer as our central text, we … read more.