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The Burning Service

This annual contemplative service is centered on the ritual of burning the things from the previous year we are ready to let go of – and holding on to the things we have learned and want to carry forward with us.

Christmas Eve Late Service: Deep Joy

In this season of dark, cold nights, we tap into our deep sources of joy. Joy soothes our fears, ameliorates our loneliness, and brings us peace and purpose in the present moment. Can we live and love with abundant joy?


Christmas Eve Family Service: Joy to the World

The hymn “Joy to the World” was penned by Isaac Watts 300 years ago, in 1719! What do the words of this Christmas favorite actually mean? And how do we celebrate joy and the world during the holiday season, and all the year round? This … read more.

Choir Sunday: Judas Maccabeus

On this very special Sunday, our UUCP choir and some friends from the Palouse Choral Society will treat us to the (slightly abbreviated) Handel oratorio that describes the desecration and reclaiming of the Jewish Temple that then became the site of the Hannukah miracle, where … read more.


Sink into the dark, and celebrate the returning of the light with an intergenerational ritual and spiral dance, followed by a feast!



One need not have God to feel and experience awe. One just needs life.  -Phil Zuckerman

In his book, Living the Secular Life, sociologist Phil Zuckerman believes that awe is a universal and appropriate response to the natural world. His hope is that atheists, agnostics, skeptics, … read more.

Advent Vespers

Join Ginger Allen and Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens for a brief, candlelight service inviting reflection on hope, joy, love, and peace.  A simple soup supper will follow.  Child care provided.


The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Advent is a season of waiting with anticipation.   Sometimes we also wait with hope or dread, with peace or with awe.  How does the attitude with which we choose … read more.


In this all ages service we will think about (and hopefully experience!) the nature of Awe- both in its mysterious and often life changing moments and the scientific and biological manifestations of this feeling.