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Children Inherit the Earth

Children and youth are rising above our inaction on climate change with school walk-outs and the Children’s Trust law suit. Let us hear their voices and wisdom. Join the Green Sanctuary Committee and friends as they look to the future on earth day.

Local Composer and … read more.

Our Most Audacious Hope

This service will be a celebration of resilience and Easter as metaphor of human tenacity. Come for the beauty and contemplation. We will be considering how we can do hard things, even when we aren’t sure about them.

Easter Brunch Hosted by the Young Adult Groups, … read more.

Bring Your Broken Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen writes, “Ring the bells that still will ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” How does Unitarian Universalism support transformation in people, communities, and the world, while at the same time … read more.

Will You Go?

The journey of life is often described as a river – flowing, rushing, surging, bending. What calls you forward on this journey? What propels the water within? Will you go with the flow, or do you have other plans?

Today we will have a special collection … read more.

Justice Sunday

Justice Sunday is a single day of learning, support, and action for congregations focused on a single area of work. This Justice Sunday, we join with other Unitarian congregations to reflect on the power of deep partnership and relationship-building, with a special focus on climate justice.

Water Flowing Underground

We love to talk about dreams that come true, but we don’t like to talk about it when they don’t. We especially don’t like to say, “I failed”. Living into our failure can bring us to unexpected and beautiful places, and can help us see … read more.

The Long Journey Home

We are sometimes weary travelers, even in Beloved Community. What does it mean to stay the course, to keep on the path, even in difficult times? As you journey through transformation, what are you hoping for? Join us to explore refreshment of our values and … read more.

Family Promise Update

To prepare for our March 10-17 Family Promise hosting, we are going to have a service with Bruce Pittman, Chair of the Family Promise Board of Directors as speaker. He will update us on the Family Promise program. After the service, at 12:00, there will … read more.