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When We Walk the Halls of a Hospital

What is at the core of what can create and sustain relationships? Through a personal story of a father and a son, and with perfect strangers, and as revealed at moments of crisis, one essential attribute will be offered for your consideration.

Poetry Sunday

A day for the poets and poetry lovers among us. Meter, rhyme, limerick, dactylic, iambic, and more? Poems written by the congregation will be highlighted.

Music Sunday

Please join us for a morning celebrating the beauty music. The service will feature our incredibly talented UU musicians, Jellybeans and choir along with a few special guests! It will be a cornucopia of musical styles and reflections on how music touches all of us … read more.

Wonder About It All

Walt Whitman said, “Be curious, not judgmental.” What does it mean to stay curious in the face of difference or in times of rapid change? What happens when we do? Could curiosity be one of the most important tools we have to fight intolerance, injustice, … read more.

Persistent Curiosity: Keeping Our Faith Fresh

We are probably the most liberal, progressive Protestant denomination to come out of the Radical Reformation. But how did we get that way? — By staying open, rather than closed, to evolving questions about religion, faith, belief, Life’s mysteries, and a whole host of expanding … read more.

Children Inherit the Earth

Children and youth are rising above our inaction on climate change with school walk-outs and the Children’s Trust law suit. Let us hear their voices and wisdom. Join the Green Sanctuary Committee and friends as they look to the future on earth day.

Local Composer and … read more.