UUCP Director of Religious Education Ginger Allen

This Week in Religious Exploration

This Sunday will be a bridging or “Wheel of Life” service where we celebrate transitions of our children and youth.

If you have a child going to transition from nursery to Spirit Play (at three – ish years old), Fifth to sixth grade (middle school transition) or eight to ninth grade (h9igh school transition) we will have a special moment to honor them and have small gifts. This will be during the TFAA and then we have regular classes.  This will not be an intergen as previously published.

If you child is in this transition lease let me know if you plan on being there so I have enough gifts.

High School Bridging will be Sunday June 2nd at 4 pm – we will be holding a special service for them followed by a reception.

Thank you!!

Ginger Allen
Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration
UU Church of the Palouse

“When you follow your bliss…doors will open…” – Joseph Campbell

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