Haiku Service Submissions

At the Haiku service on 06/18/2023, the congregation was invited write a haiku. The collection of Haiku received are presented below in no particular order. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the service and am touched by the Haikus submitted. I hope you enjoy them too!

butter yellow walls
the sky like a robin’s egg
sun bursts into church


this bench hurts by back
but my soul feels safer here
than anywhere else

this room full of folks
a chosen community
a home for my heart


no wonder I’m small
you can’t fit me in a your box
with your frigid fears

a life made so small
to prevent your discomfort
you have no idea


armed and dangerous
we may be, when weapons fail
love for all’s the key


love is a blessing
together hearts rejoice in 
loving symphonies

–Lilia O. 

song of nature sing
cicada chirp in the warm air
cold soon flood the air

–Cadin Orr

safety and letting go
gift of new understanding
but still full of grief

—Loren Brown

finding your own way
I bring myself here for help
community now


microphone mistakes
life is not predicable
message still the same


listening to haiku
too short for brain to process
needs more time to think


nine good minds gather
remembering a men’s story
linking us together


grant me a country
that loves its poets and saints
enough to burn them

—Ryan Urie

we walked a soft trail
through the fragrant evergreens
joyous summer hike

in the wildflowers
black butterflies dance
beauty every where

–Janet DeTemple

That we cannot see
is most obscured by that which
we cannot let go

read and written here
are little snippets of time
with or without ink


(sowing love throughout the earth)

a joy reigns supreme
the metal bird has landed
her son has come home

ephemeral thoughts
float on the wind and are gone
life’s consciousness ebbs

–Michael J Irvin

red-winged blackbird sings
summer grasses under wave
a mind’s door opens

–Amy S

leaves love to fall
for you to walk upon and feel
I float in peace with you

this world may break you
a loving presence calls you
to remember your safety within

every bird that ever sang 
will know your spirit in love
your bird presence within knows you


spring seed is planted
to grow safety in the womb
winters arrival


in the weave of life
we are all just knits and purls
creating one whole


astride a bicycle seat
spokes and wheels spin forward
worries far behind


world before the fall
lovely is the light of dawn
noble is man’s heart


rise wrap twist pull yarn
my spirit rises and rests
knit warm soft gray fibers


there is the sunrise
and there is the picture
between them, focus

–Victoria Seever

dead elk on the trail
bones are scattered everywhere
a smelly carpet. 


“….written when backpacking near Troy, Oregon with our kids and Margaret and Tiertza.

Photograph of a vase of wilting flowers

faded pink, drooping
holding on to elegance
flowers forgotten