Moscow-Pullman Mindfulness Sangha meets at 7:00 pm Tuesday evenings in the UUCP sanctuary.

We meet to meditate and discuss mindfulness and Buddhist ideas and how we might apply our practices to our lives, using texts written by mindfulness teachers as a means to deepen our practice. We are a mixture of ages, gender, and degrees of belief, but we’re all lay practitioners ranging from those just interested in mindfulness, secular Buddhism, and those who are pursuing further study. We discuss topics with humor, compassion, and encouragement for each other.
Each week we begin with a brief check-in, a time to share something about our mindfulness practice or more generally about our lives, we then practice a guided meditation together, and finally have a group discussion on a chosen topic.This Winter/Spring we are using the book Radical Acceptance by: Tara Brach as a guide for our discussions. Reading the book is encouraged but not required. See our full schedule at Facebook Group: Moscow / Pullman Mindfulness Sangha.