Sunday Morning Fellowship Hour

Fellowship hour is the time when people can socialize, get to know newcomers, catch up with friends.

Helping with Fellowship times is more than performing mechanical tasks, while it is not necessary (or even desirable) to engage in extended conversations, friendly greeting to people getting their coffee, helping them find a tea that they like, showing them where to put their dirty cups or even inviting them to help wash the dishes are all ways to help newcomers and long- time members feel welcome and included.

Morning Preparation-Start about 9:40am (Set up person)

1. Fill smaller silver electric pot with water and plug in to heat for tea.
2. Use large urn for coffee. Make 50 cups (feel free to make more if you think there will be a big crowd). Fill urn with water to the 50 cup mark put three cups ground coffee in the basket ( ½ cup for every 10 cups water + ½ cup for the pot). Coffee is stored in the freezer. Listen for the gurgle to be sure it is heating before you go upstairs.
3. Put out tea bags, sugar, sweetener and napkins. They are in the cupboard on the north wall. ½ & ½ is in the refrigerator; it is ok to put out the carton, but there is a cream pitcher in the cupboard if you want to use it. Racks of cups should be on the counter already; spoons are in the bottom cupboard on the west wall (sink side).
4. Turn on the dishwasher to heat up. Instructions are posted above the sink.
5. Put washtubs for dirty cups on the stand next to the refrigerator.

During Fellowship Time
1. Set up person Make sure there is enough ½ & ½. Wipe up spills. Remove empty cup racks from stack. Put out more cups if needed. Help people tip the coffee pot to get out the last few cups. Greet people as they get their tea or coffee.
2. Clean up Person As the tubs fill up, start loading the dishwasher racks.

After Fellowship time (Clean up person)
1. Wash cups, etc. Dish washer instructions are posted above the above the sink.
2. Put coffee cup on racks and other dishes in the cupboards on the west wall. Dry if needed. Use a clean dish towel from the bottom drawer on the north side of the kitchen. Dishes will be very hot and not require much if any drying.
3. Empty and wash coffee urn and hot water pot. Turn upside down to dry on the north counter.
4. Return supplies to cupboard.
5. Wipe off counter tops and table.
6. Empty dishwasher, clean out bottom screen and turn off.
7. Email Margaret Dibble ( if there were any problems or more supplies are needed.

Thank you for all your hard work!