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Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse

420 East Second Street
Moscow, Idaho 83843
(208) 882-4328

Sunday Services: 10:00am

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SA300-SA301  Two  Mason bee houses offered by Joel Hamilton. Minimum bid $20 each

SA302 Grandma and Grandpa Raggedy Ann dolls, handmade. Donated by the Hamiltons, minimum bid $10 for pair

SA303-304   2 sets of tile racks for Mah Jongg , 4 racks/set. made by Joel Hamilton,minimum bid $10 each

SA305-306  2 Minggs for Mah Jongg, made by Joel Hamilton, minimum bid $10 each

SA307  Wicker clock box, donated by the Hamiltons. $10 minimum bid

SA308  Pam Arborgreen will make 3 dozen Homemade Christmas Cookies for your Christmas Tree. Delivered. BIdding starts at $5.

SA309  Pam Arbrogreen will bake 3 dozen Homemade Parker House Rolls for a your holiday or party dinner. To be delivered.  BIdding starts at $3.

SA310  Braided Bread Loaf (with egg in batter).  Home made by Pam Arborgreen. Delivered.  (Serves 12).  Start at $3

SA311  Antique pedestal dining Room Table, round.approx 52″ diameter.  Painted.  Comes with 3 unmatching wooden chairs. Donated by Pam Arborgreen.  Starting Bid:  $20

SA312-317  Pam Arborgreen has been busy knitting cotton dishcloths.  If you haven’t used these before, you will want them.  In sets of 3, each set starting bid $3.

SA318 Transparent Glass Candy Dish,  Amber in color  Pedestal with glass cover and CANDY! Donated by Pam Arborgrreen Bidding starts at $3.

SA319 Artists!  a deal on a mat Cutting Kit with device enclosed.  Used.  For making your own paper mat to go with a picture frame (no wooden frames Included) From Pam Arborgreen.  Start at $4

SA320  A Wood Carving to Call Your Own.  Wall hanging piece.  Already shaped and cut  but needs all the fun stuff done by you.  Designed and cut by Pam Arborgreen’s late parent. Starts at $4.

SA321  Stained Glass Piece.  Clear glass with beveled edges and vintage caning of glass sections. This needs some care. From Pam Arbrogreen.  Salvaged from a torn down building in Spokane in the 1970s!  This is historic!  Starts at $10.

SA322  Table Top Clock.  Bright brass in color. 20 yrs old.  12″ tall.  Perfect on book shelves or mantel.  Best feature is its Westminster Chimes on the hour and 1/2.  Chimes can be turned off.  Donated by Pam Arborgreen. Start at $4.

SA323  Make your own collage glass shadow box.  You will have access to all the materials at the artist’s fingertips.  (Yea, cut and bleeding finger tips)…One to one student/teacher ratio.  Given In studio of Pam Arborgreen, in Pullman.  Wooden shadow box is approx 10″ by 13″.  To take place when you say it is going to take place!  Start at $8.

SA324   Hand made necklace, with purple beads, and silver “peace sign” pendant donated by Sara Holop. Value:  $10 – $15.,  Starting bid,  $5.00.

SA325  Pair of brand-new Alfani  brand men’s dress shoes, black, size 11 1/2, valued at $50.00. Donated by the Holups. Starting bid,  $10.00.

SA326-SA327   Sets of 3-5 artistic bottles of various sizes with silk flowers donated by Pam Arborgreen. Starting bid $3 for each set.

SA328-SA331   Theresa Hanford has generously donated some beautiful platters!  Opening bid $10 each.

SA332  Donated by Dan and Pat Rathman: Your re-usable shopping bag chock full of polar bear goodies includes an adoption of a Sierra Club polar bear including an adoption booklet, note cards, wrapping paper, a poster to frame, a challenging wooden puzzle, a “Wild About Bears” picture book for a young friend, “On Thin Ice: The Changing World of the Polar Bear” to update you on the current polar bear status, and a one year membership to the “Great Bear Foundation”, an organization dedicated to the conservation of the eight species of bears and their habitat around the world to be used for the polar bear ecology scholarship fund.  Check out their polar bear field trips. Opening bid: $10

SA333  Dan and Pat Rathman offer a Pizza Garden Kit. Your kit will include nine heirloom seed varieties suitable for a delicious pizza, a gluten free pizza crust mix, Ferdinand’s cheese, a pizza baking pan, and a $25 Moscow Coop Gift Card for anything else you might need for your delicious home-made pizza. Opening bid $30.

SA334  Four oversized, fine cookbooks—barbecue, noodles, Indian, Italian; offered by Marilyn Von Seggern. Opening at $10.

SA336 Carol Casavant *Creations* is offering a handwoven small purse with over the shoulder strap,  beige with green and yellow leaf pattern woven into the cloth. Value: $30.  BIdding starting at $20.

SA337  In addition, Carol Casavant *Creations* is offering a rayon, chenille handwoven scarf, pattern in gold and rust red. Value: $57.  Opening bid, $30.

SA338-341  Corinne Lyle is offering sets of pierced earrings: Four or five per set of mixed styles with backs.  Opening bid for each $10.

SA342  Rectangular crocheted lace tablecloth, 112” long, 80” wide, donated by the Hamiltons. Sttarting bid $25.

SA343 Our very own artist Kat Clancy is offering a set of her original 5 watercolor greeting cards. Value: $20.  Opening bid $10.

SA344-347 A week’s worth of produce from the Hamilton’s extensive vegetable garden. Vegetables available include green beans, Romano beans, Walla Walla onions, lettuce, Asian greens, Swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash (several kinds), garlic, rhubarb, Sweet basil, mint. There may be other things, like soybeans, depending on Joel’s mood when he is planting. The early weeks may have raspberries and blueberries. The last week may have early plums and grapes. Pick what you want for your family, and if there is extra, you could take to church and give it away, or take it to the Moscow Food Bank, Starting bid: $30 per week: August 12 – 18; August 19 – 25; August 26 – September 1; September 2 – 9

SA348-SA352  Peggy Jenkins is offering some beautiful coffee table books. Opening bid on each $10.  a) YOGA: A Yoga Journal Book   b) Edgy cookbook by edgy cookbook author (Anthony Bourdain) with beautiful, edgy illustrations   c) cooking/travel book about Japan from Anthony Bourdain: RICE NOODLE FISH–deep travels through Japan’s food culture   d) Awesome travel book with strolls, hikes and walks all over the world: 1001 Walks You Must Take Before You Die  e) Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey through Southeast Asia–cookbook with beautiful illustrations

SA353  Steve Flint is offering 1 pint low sugar Church Plum Jam.  Guaranteed feral–from the tree on the church patio!  Starting bid $5.

SA354  Ten dessert glasses — high class! Donated by Janice Boughton. Starting bid $10

SA355 A large bamboo salad bowl donated by Chuck Harris. $10 opening bid.

SA356  Two tickets to the last Auditorium Chamber Music series concert on April 24 donated by Melissa Rockwood. Value: $50.  Opening bid $20.

SA357  Bid on this framed, stained glass decorative piece donated by Alice and Tom Woodrum.  Minimum $25.00

SA358   The Woodrums have also donated a fireplace tool set with pewter handles. New, Never Used. Minimum $65.00

SA359 How about a brass candle stand donated by Alice and Tom Woodrum? Starting $25.00

SA360  Also from the Woodrums, four brass small glasses. Starting $15.00

SA361-363 Who doesn’t need a teddy bear? Chose from a brown ($5) or black or yellow ($10) from the Woodrums.

SA364 Bikers! a kids helmet, bike saddle and pump. From John Larkin. Starting bid $10.

SA365-366  Judy Brown has donated two fun and engaging jigsaw puzzles with no missing piece.  They are based on two different New Yorker magazine covers.  Starting bid:  $8 per puzzle.

SA367  John Holup is giving up his new spinning rod and reel and new, small tackle box with hooks, bobbers, sinkers and lures.  Value $60. MInimum bid $40.

SA368 New Contigo brand travel mug: Vacuum-insulated, stainless steel water bottle with quick-twist lid from the Holups. Real value $19.99.  Minimum bid $10.

SA369 Chuck Harris has donated a tasteful embroidered Christmas wall hanging w/ inscription “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” 12 x 19. Minimum bid $8.

SA370  Sue Engles has donated a handmade Inuit basket from Alaska. Value $50-$300. Opening bid $50.

SA371 A unique item: Donald Stanziano is offering a ceramic yarn bowl. You get studio time at Wild at Art to paint, glaze and fire it. Minimum donation: $25

SA372-373 Judy Meuth has donated hand crocheted round tableclothes, one 30 inches in diameter and the other 40 inches in diameter. Opening bid for each $5

SA374 How about hand crocheted placemats–a set of four from Judy Meuth with a starting bid of $5.

SA375 Judy LaLonde is offering a place setting for four of Studio Nova in the Palm Desert design from Mikasa. This includes plates, dessert plates, small plates, cups and mugs, two sizes of glasses, two sizes of bowls, sugar bowl and creamer, four vegetable bowls, platter,  baking dish and covered tureen.  Starting bid an unbelievable $50.

SA376  A framed print of iconic Palouse silo painted by Craig Whitcomb, one of the artists in residence at Dahmen Barn donated by Judy Meuth. Minimum bid $20.

SA377  Hey you exercise nuts: bid on a yoga mat, block, towels, and $50 gift certificate for yoga pants (or anything else you want) from Hyperspud from Judy Meuth. Minimum bid $40.

SA378  Roller Blades  $20  Womens’ size 7 1/2 — Lightly used by a little old lady (Marty Godchaux) who did not wear them to church. Opening bid $20.

SA379 Hand-Painted Christmas Tree Ornaments from Marty Godchaux. Any 5 ornaments for $6.00 or $1.50 apiece.

SA380-81  Donna Bradberry is offering two sets of 6 greeting cards each, copies of her original watercolors. $12 opening bid on each set.

SA382 Albert Konen is offering a small fishing bag with two utility boxes. Opening bid $20.

SA383 Who doesn’t need new towels? Albert is offering a white towel set (2 bath, w hand, 2 washcloths). Opening bid $20.

SA384 Bid on a Stanley stainless steel wet/dry vacuum; 5 gal, 4 HP, donated by Albert Konen. Starting bid $30.

SA385 Like to play? Albert has also donated an MD Sports Easy Assembly 48 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table, Space-Saving Design, Foldable Legs. Brand new.  Opening bid $25.

SA386-395  The Prorak/Poplasky family have donated a number of items for children: