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SA300  Michael Irvin is offering a Lynksys 8-Port Workgroup Switch. Starting at $10.

SA301  The Uries are offering their Harvard Classics Collectors Edition 27-Volume Set. This is a beautiful collection in nearly new condition. Ryan’s almost positive this is a complete set, but I has no way to confirm. Most sets of Harvard Classics are 51 volumes, but he’s searched high and low across eBay and Google Images and have never come across a volume missing from this set. This specific edition seems to be quite rare. I’d be sad to see it go for less than $200.  Opening bid $100.

SA302-303 Watercolor artist Donna Bradberry is offering two sets of note card packs with her original paintings. Each pack contains six 5×7 note cards with envelopes. Opening bid on each $12.

SA304  Judy LaLonde donated a brand new, unused, Pampered Chef stoneware deep baking dish with cover. Value $100.  Opening bid: $50.

SA305 Another stoneware item from Judy LaLonde. Used bread cloche. Opening bid $10.

SA306  Bill Webb is offering his designed and created fused glass “Chalice” pendant using brightly colored dichroic glass with an abstract chalice design. Beginning bid $15

SA307 Another original from Bill Webb: Hand made fused glass pendant, “Raindrop,” pendant with dichroic glass and raindrop design.  Beginning bid $15

SA308-309  Pam Arborgreen created two kitchen aprons – gender neutral, value $10. Minimum Bid:  $4.

SA310-316 Seven sets of three dishcloths, homemade by Pam Arborgreen.  Definitely gender neutral and gluten free.  NO bidding: purchase a set  @$5/each. Beside your bid number/name, indicate what prevalent color you prefer.
SA 317  Glass Collage:  8 in x 10 in, one-of-a-kind framed piece of original art by Pam Arborgreen.   Design:  UU Chalice with flame. Value: $30.
Min bid:  $5.  Bid increases in $2 increments.
SA318 Three dozen Christmas Cookie Ornaments for your tree or swags! Decorated. Edible. Delicious.  Delivered as per your instructions.
Value:  $30.  Bids start at $5.  Increments of $4, please.
SA319 A custom homemade cooking apron for you or a friend (no enemies are acceptable).  Cotton blend fabric – your choice of color scheme.  Any size.  Value:  $30.  Min bid of $8.  Increments of $3 only.  Production date:  TBD by you.
SA320  Cynthia Magnuson has offered a  Lakeshore Rhyming Sentence wooden picture puzzles.  (In a wooden box)  It is out of date, but current prices would be 75$ to $125.  An excellent teaching tool. Starting bid $15.
SA321 Want to make a quilt but lack the energy to find a pattern and just the right fabric? Cindy Magnuson offers a kit to make a quilt, fabric, pattern and a ton of accessories included.  Maybe the PPQ would help you! Starting bid $25.
SA322  Stoneware pottery Set of 3 nesting bowls – for dinnerware serving bowls.  Made by Pam Arborgeen’s mom (Pat’s Pots).  Oven and dishwasher proof.  Nature tones on glaze. Value: $30.  Min bid $5.
SA323  Judy and Rich Alldredge are offering a Competitor Workout Bench with 80 pounds of weights and bars in good condition with a new list price of $169.99. Minimum bid is $30.00.
SA324 The Leonards are offering a mid 20th century right-handed student chair. This is an alternative to a desk for homework when space is limited. Opening bid: $5
SA325  One toaster-oven, about 10 years old but rarely used the one year it was available at the Leonard’s vacation rental.  Therefore nearly new. Opening bid $5.
SA326  Zahn: midcentury abstract oil painting, framed   roughly 1 ft. x 4 1/2 ft.  donated by the Cantrell/Boughton family— start at $10SA327  Zapata, limited print from an etching, framed   about 6” x 8” Cantrell/Boughton family – start at $2SA328  Donated by the Cantrell/Boughton family, Harrison Storms print, “The Portrait,” 1980 framed   about 16” x 20” – start at $10SA329 Mark Florian oil painting, framed, French street, about 28” x 34” – Cantrell/Boughton family. start at $40. A painting of his in a similar style found on the web sold for $600.SA330  For the historians out there: the Thomas Nast political cartoon on the 1876 Hayes versus Tilden Presidential race, framed, about 16” x 24”–probably an original page from the Harper’s Weekly magazine in which it originally appeared.  Cantrell/Boughton family. – start at $20

SA331  Fauna Allen is donating a 10-1/2 x 8 shadow box.  Start at $5

SA332  Fauna is also offering a photo frame that holds three 4×6 photos. Start at $5.

SA333  31 x 25 framed painting donated by Fauna.

SA334  From Molly Smith, a Mexican pottery tortilla holder with cover, hand-thrown stoneware.  Starting at $20.

SA335  17″ x 19″ photograph of lightning bolt forking behind a backpacking tent glowing in a pitch-black night; framed (narrow black) & matted (tasteful sandcastle-tan).  Chuck Harris was in a storm-lit tent in just such a lightning & hail storm in Colorado!  Opening bid, $12.

SA336  Mary Dupree has offered a signed, unframed  print “Country Woman” by well-known Moscow artist Genevra Sloan, approximately 17″ by 24″. Value $350. Opening bid $50.

SA337  One season’s subscription to the 4 concerts of the 2019-2020 Auditorium Chamber Music Series at the University of Idaho from Mary Dupree. Value $100. Starting bid $40.

SA338  Bid  on two tickets to the Auditorium Chamber Music Series concert by the vocal ensemble Cantus, April 23 donated by Mary DuPree.  University of Idaho Auditorium, 7:30 pm. Value:$50. Start at $10.

SA339   From Peggy Jenkins, a Buddha dog. Opens at $5.

SA340  Entertain your visitors with your photos! Peggy is also offering a digital photo frame in box, never opened or used. Value over $100. Opens at $30.

SA341 Peggy also donated a Tibetan Singing Bowl with pillow stand. Opens at $10

SA342  Bid on Peggy’s covered lacquer bowl from Vietnam. Bid starts at $10.

SA343 Melissa Rockwood is offering a framed painting by Chris Watts: “Diagram.” 11 x 11. Value $100. Opening bid $15.

SA344  Stories of My Heart, a book by Richard Jeffries as rediscovered by Brooke Williams and Terry  Tempest Williams from Melissa Rockwood.  Opens at $5.

SA345 Sue Engels has donated a lovely watercolor painting by Oregon artists Jan Glenn who taught art in the Portland public schools and Lewis & Clark College. Bids open at $20.

SA346 Diane Prorak is offering a set of American Girl’s books (Felicity, Molly, Samantha, Josephina and Kirsten.  Starting bid $10.

SA347  Bid on an American Harvest Dehydrator with extra trays offered by Diane. Bid starting at $15.

SA348  Uncover shark 3D book; Uncover cobra 3D book and Uncover tarantula 3D book from the Prorak/Poplawsky family.  Set beginning bid @ $8

SA349 Bid on an Angel Cookie Jar from Diane with an opening bid of $5.

SA350  Get your own frog, but bid on this frog habitat terrarium from Diane with an opening bid of $50

SA351   Last year the Uries had such good luck auctioning off their yard-fresh eggs, they decided this year to go one step further and auction the chickens themselves! SThis lot includes five laying hens of various breeds, heated waterer, food dispenser, warming light, lots of food, lots of scratch grain, and a lifetime supply of oyster shell and a dispenser. Start the bidding at $50.

SA352  The Rathmans offer the book, “Farming While Black,”– helps us remember why land cultivation is such a significant part of the fight for freedom for Black people. Reading this book provides a beautiful visionary template for practicing land development  that is rooted in healing and transformation.”   Cost $34.95. Bid starts at $10.

SA353  How about A Bag of Goodies for your Kitty and You. Yummies your cat will love and entertainment items plus some books to keep you occupied. Estimated value around $30 by the Rathmans. Opening bid $8.50.

SA354  From the Rathmans, “Fish Story” is a limited edition collector’s plate in Jeanne Down’s Friends I Remember Collection. Opening bid $20.

SA355-SA357 Kat Clancy is offering two sets of 6 glass Christmas cups and one set of four ceramic Christmas cups. Some not used at all, a few once or twice. Bid for each set starts at $5.

SA358  Three LARGE plastic Godzillas. Take one home from the Prorak/Poplawskys for $5 each.

SA359  Diane is also bringing a Chronicles of Narnia pop up book. Opening bid $10

SA360  Never used: a Jane Austen puzzle from Diane. Starts at $5.

SA361  Have you ever tried a 3-D puzzle. From Diane, an Eiffel tower puzzle (never used) Opening bid $5.

SA362 Another Prorak/Poplawsky item: Coastal Indian wall art of a loon. Starts at $10.

SA363 100% woolen throw from Mystic Valley Traders handwoven in Wales, approx. 48 x 68 inches, purchased in the 1980s, never used.  Donated by Nancy and George Bedirian. Opening bid: $40
SO364  Also from the Bedirians, a set of six 8-inch dessert plates.  Opening bid: $20
SO365  A copy of Palouse Country: An Essay in Photographs, by George Bedirian, 1987 edition.  Opening bid: $10.
SO366. From the Bedirians, an original watercolor painting by Canadian artist John Lyon.  Matted and framed, 10 x 7 inches.  Opening bid: $5.

SO367 Bill Bonnichsen has donated a pair of Brand-New, never-worn, knee-high, Tingley mens’ size 10  (15- inches high) Mud Boots.  Perfect for Spring Gardening spring gardening!  Value: about $75. Bid starts at $30.

SO368 Hodgins Drug has donated seven puzzles that range in difficulty from toddler to adult: Puzzles Through the Ages. A great family gift (save for Christmas??).  Opening bid $10.

SO369 Want some flowers tonight?  Kat Clancy offers a flower arrangement to take home tonight plus 4 flower arrangements to be created between now and April 2020. Just let her know about a week before you want the flowers, and if they are for a special event. She doesn’t grow the flowers, but has scavenging privileges in friends’ gardens. Value $75-$100. Opening bid $25.