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S0400  Life and death involve the same problem – piles and piles of papers!  Leaving your piles to a much loved relative or friend to sort through is not the farewell gift you intend, I bet. Melissa Luna is offering to provide you with a binder (complete with dividers AND labels!) to organize your life’s important documents and data, making it easier for your nearest and dearest to take on the task of settling your affairs. I’ll deliver your binder and meet with you for an hour to help you get started with this important organizing project. Starting Bid: $25

S0401-S403  What does your DNA tell you about who you are?Get Started using your DNA for your Personal Genealogy Research. Brent Bradberry, an experienced amateur, can show you on- line, where to go and how to interpret the numbers. Offer to 3 people with 2 hrs of personal session each.  Starting bid $25

S0404 Write Up and share Your Genealogy Story with Donna Bradberry’s help! She can show you on My Microsoft Word 7, research on my and other sites, plus how to reference sources. Your Story can go into a 3 ring binder in order to add to when needed!  Learn where to find census records, your ancestors locations, and other records including placing your old photos within your story. 3 hrs of show, save, print on my computer. 1 person only. Opening bid $25.
S0405-406  Theresa Hanford is donating two 2 Healing Touch treatments
Value $150. Opening bids $50.
SO407   Steve Flint offers to drive his pickup to help you move “stuff”. He also has a flatbed trailer available if needed. $50 opening bid.
S0408  Make your own shadowbox collage glass window.  11″ by 14″  To take place in Pam’s (Arborgeen) Artsy Old Windows studio in Pullman. All supplies and tools are included in this offer.  Value: $60. Date of appointment:  TBD   Bids in increments of $4 only.  Start at $ 10.
S0409  Free Baby Sitting Service.  One time offer.  Specifics TBD: your house or mine.  FOUR HOURS.  2 child limit.  Pam will work to your requirements.  Min. Bid $8. Increments of $2, please.
S0410  So your child makes beautiful and original drawings. Judy LaLonde will turn that drawing into a wall quilt so you can treasure it forever. Judy has the option of asking for a different drawing with your consultation.  Beginning bid $40.
S0411  How about a Day of Sailing on Knotless II with Skipper Bill and First Mate Karen? Lake Coeur d’Alene or possibly Lake Pend O’Reille. Date to be determined between Wards and successful bidders. Limit 2 persons. Our day of sailing can begin early and last late, and will include gourmet finger-food from Chez Karen. Please note that inland sailing requires flexibility and a good outboard motor, as we can’t guarantee wind.  Sometimes we just cruise under power, but it’s pretty anyway.  We’ll try to pick a date when wind is forecast.  Last year we sailed in early October and it was lovely; we even had some wind!
Starting bid $200.
SO412-419   Grow your own (organic?) vegetables: Your family will plant, tend, and harvest one or more of eight 400 sq ft plots in Dan and Joyce Leonard’s garden space that was formerly used to grow vegetables for the Moscow Food Co-Op.  Irrigation available ( if necessary we can irrigate, provided you will irrigate for us when we cannot).  Weeds and varmints may require attention.  Teach your kids the satisfaction of growing their own food.  $25 per plot,  8 plots available, adjacent plots may be combined ($50 for two, etc.)

SO420 Interested in raising a lamb for food or wool?  Up to 4 animals may be pastured for the summer in Joyce and Dan Leonard’s irrigated, fenced 3 acre pasture.  $25/lamb.  You provide the livestock and any appropriate veterinary care.
SO421-422  Peggy Jenkins is offering four hours of private counseling with a Certified College Admissions Counselor for high schoolers of any age.  It’s great to get an early start!  Offering 2 @ $25 each.
SO423  Belinda Rhodes is offering either a 60 minute massage or one Bowenwork Session: buyer’s choice. Belinda is a licensed massage therapist operating a t Gentle Touch. Value $75.  Opening bid at $40.
SO424 One hour Personal Training and or Massage Session (either one or both)! Sean McFarland is a Massage Therapist and Exercise Physiologist. Value $75. Opening bid $30.

SO425-434  Make arrangements with Joe Pallen for one of ten sourdough/plus loaves of bread he will knead with his own hands for $10 each.
SO435  Does fido need help with their exercise routine? This offer is good for 3 walking or running sessions for your dog with the Lyksett’s at a mutually agreed upon day/time. Moscow preferred please. Starting bid $15.
SO436  Does the Easter Bunny need help this year? Recruit the help of Jamal and Carolyn to help hide eggs on Saturday night. Will supply 50 stuffed eggs (please inform if there are any allergies), but will hide more if you supply them. Inside or out at your house. Suggested bid starts at $15.