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E101  Celebrate Groundhog’s Day a day early at the End of Garden dinner held by the Leonards and the Hamiltons on February 1, 2020!  6:30 PM.$30/person, 16 person limit.

E102  The Mushroom Hunt is back!   Saturday, May 11. 8:30 a–meet at the Hamiltons for carpooling. A great family event. Adults $25, kids $5, dogs free. A Palouse spring tradition. Will there be mushrooms? Will we find them? Will we have fun looking for them? Of course! Sumptuous lunch provided around a campfire in the woods. No limit

E103 Tomato Tasting Brunch Sunday, September 15, noon at the Hamiltons. Taste dozens of varieties of heirloom tomatoes grown on the Palouse by tomato expert Joel Hamilton. Try many different delicious tomato dishes! Visit the dessert bar for many traditional treats! Enjoy a beautiful Palouse summer day on the deck. Adults $25,kids $10. No limit

E104  Smitten Kitchen Lunch offered by Nancy Nelson — Have you heard about Deb Perelman and her “fearless cooking from an NYC kitchen”? Nancy wants to share her unfuzzy recipes and ecstatic flavors with you. Come to lunch the day after the service auction, Saturday, April 13 at noon. The menu will include a variety of things to taste made with vegetables, grains and eggs (no meat). Kids interested in tasting new foods are especially welcome. 10 spaces. $20 each.

E105   Smitten Kitchen (Vegetarian) Supper– Offered by Nancy Nelson. She loves Deb Perelman’s straightforward recipes and ecstatic approach to flavor and wants to share them with you. Come to supper on May 4 at 6 p.m.  (check out for information and inspiration)  6 available spaces. $20 each.

E106  When have you dined last with a white table cloth, real sterling silverware and crystal glasses? On July 21, Elisabeth Berlinger will serve a European based multi course dinner for 6. $ 40 each.

E107  Enjoy a Mexican dinner in Elisabeth Berlinger’s garden on July 28. 12 people max, $30 each.

E108  Sara and John Holup  offers their annual fish dinner, featuring locally caught fish, by the host. here will be wine and homemade desserts and a full dinner. Saturday June 15, for 8 guests, @ $28.00 each.

E109 Party at Pam Arborgreen’s.  Homemade pizza, dessert and wines.  Card tables set up for Hand And Foot Games. We can play singles or doubles. 11 people.  Min age is 14 yrs. No prior experience necessary. Value: Unimaginable. June 10. 6pm to 10 pm. $10/person.

E110  Your Turn Slide Show. You sat through Margaret Dibble’s slides, now let’s see yours.  Bring 10 of your best slides, the old fashioned kind.  I will provide the projector and dessert. Sunday Oct 13, 2019, 6:30 pm.
Note:  You do not have to have come to one of my slide shows to sign up.
$10/per person.

E111  Dark Chocolate Tasting with Wine and Dessert offered by the Webbs. Here’s your chance to learn a bit of history about chocolate, sample and rate multiple varieties of dark chocolate, try some wine pairings, and have dessert (even more chocolate, who knows?) May 17: 12 guests $15 per person.

E112  Games on the Deck: Join the Faunces for games, wine and dessert on the deck. Sunday August 25th 6:30 pm. Limit 12 people, $15 per person or $25 per couple.

E113  An evening with wine, dessert, slides and poems from the sabbatical of Elizabeth Stevens.  (tentatively September 20) at the UUCP.  Adults $10; Family $15. No limit.

E114 Ukrainian Egg Class: Spring 2020 Date to be arranged.  For both Experienced and beginners.  All materials supplied.  Children are welcome but must come with a parent or other responsible adult as the process involves open flames, hot wax and poisonous dyes. $15/peson, $25/ family.
SE115-116  Ukrainian Egg Classes: Saturday April 13 UUCP Basement
Two sessions 9:00am-1:00pm or 1:30-4:30pm. All materials supplied.Open to beginners or people with experience who don’t have their own supplies or just like company while making eggs. I might combine the classes depending on how many sign up. $15person/$25 family.  Children are welcome but must be with a parent or other responsible adult as the process involves, open flames, hot wax and poisonous dyes.
E117  Peggy Jenkins will again hold her Super Natural Delights dinner on August 24. Great pairings of wine and a feast of vegetarian delights. Limited to 10 @ $30 each.
E118 On Sat. Aug 24, join your UUCP fellows for a day of hiking, berry picking and eating on Grandmother Mountain near Clarkia ID. We will drive about 1-1/2 hr. from Moscow to the trail head at 5000 feet and spend the rest of the days hiking, picking huckleberries (if we hit the peak time right) and/or  just relaxing amidst the spectacular mountain fall colors.   At the end of the day there will be ice cream upon which to adorn the berries. Don’t miss this outdoor classic sponsored by the Poplawsky/Proraks. Unlimited. $10/person or $25/family.
E119 Visit the Cooley’s protected land outside of Troy and enjoy refreshments and hiking on June 8.  Dogs welcome.  Limited to 25   @ $10.
E120 Beautiful Blue Danube Slide Show at Louise Brown’s House
Viking Cruise, summer of 2018, from Budapest to Nuremberg, plus the Czech Republic. Includes Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, and much more! Tidbits of history and special dessert, tea and coffee provided. Friday, June 7th. 6 guest limit/ $10 per person.
E121  Old Fashioned Fourth of July in Deary: Pack up your tent and your family and head out to the Rathman’s place in Deary on July 4 at 6 pm for a hot dog roast after you’ve pitched your tents. As the evening darkens, we’ll share story telling and singing around a fire and watch the local fire works display.  The next morning will find us enjoying an old fashioned breakfast served family style before you head back to Moscow and civilization with full tummies. Donation is $10 per person or $25 per family.
E122  Sponsored by the Rathmans: Hunga Dunga Beer Tasting. Join your fellow UU beer drinkers for a tour, tasting and dinner at our  very popular Hunga Dunga Beer Hall here in Moscow on Wednesday October 23. We’ll gather at 6pm for the tour followed by the tasting. Then order from the menu and choose a pitcher of your favorite beer for your table.  There is a 30 person limit and a $25 donation.  Baby sitting can be arranged.
E123  The DeTemples are hosting a slideshow with dessert: The Colors of Tet: pictures from Vietnam.  Saturday, May 18. $12/person. Max 10 folks.
E124  Enjoy Norway and Lappland, pictures and dessert with the DeTemples; December 7, $12/person. Max: 10 folks.
E125  A unique TOMATO-PICKING ADVENTURE: afternoon of September 29 at the Godchaux/Bonnichsen’s.  WEATHER Alternative:  TBA. Light refreshments and fruit juice, beer, whatever, offered.

Each guest will be issued a party bag or basket and a few Jiplocs to fill with yummy heirloom tomatoes, ranging from Brandywine down to the size of Sungold (cherry) fruit. LIMIT:  12 people. $20 per person.