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Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse

420 East Second Street
Moscow, Idaho 83843
(208) 882-4328

Sunday Services: 10:00am

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E100   Elisabeth Berlinger invites you to bid on her South American dinner to be held 6 pm July 21, 2018.  $30 per person limited to 14 guests.

E102  End of Garden dinner a tradition from the Leonards and the Hamiltons.   Saturday, March 2, 2019 6:30 PM.$30/person, 14 person limit. Come see what Joyce and Mary Jo can do with their frozen and preserved bounty.

E103  John and Sara Holup offer a Fish Dinner, featuring locally caught (by John) fish, and homemade desserts. Fri., Sept. 21.  5:30 – 8:30.   $27.00 per person,  for 8 guests.

E104   Dan and Pat Rathman will host 25 people at one of the Pie Safe Bakery fantastic gourmet dinners. Join them in Deary at the Brush Creek Creamery Pie Safe Bakery events.  We will reserve spaces for 25 people.If you are interested in their cheese or baked goods, you won’t want to miss this. The date will be announced and we will provide baby sitting at the church. $25/person.

E105  Please join Dan and Pat Rathman for wine tasting and a light meal at the new Colters Creek Wine Bar on 215 South Main Street in Moscow.  We will start imbibing at 6 pm on Friday, June 1, and follow the tasting with a meal including your favorite wine.  Attendance limited to 20. Adults only; free baby sitting provided at the church.  $25/person

E106 On Saturday, October 20, 6:30 pm. enjoy an authentic Burmese seven-course dinner that you won’t find anywhere else in Moscow,(except the Hamilton’s) including the famous Burmese fermented tea leaf salad. Must like garlic. Limited to 14 people, $35 each.

E107  Apple Cider party Sunday, October 14, 1 pm. $5 each, $15/family. Unlimited. Please bring apples to share and jugs to take your cider home. Slightly wormy apples OK – we will be able to edit them here.  The Hamiltons have a motorized grinder and a press. Fall snacks and popcorn and, of course, fresh apple juice will be served. We may have some pears to add to the mix.

E108  Family Picnic in Troy: Picnic food and a chance to see the alpacas at Big Meadow Creek Alpacas. Judy will provide potato salad, UI sausages, salad, lemonade and beverages for you and your family. Bring balls or nets or whatever if you want to play  September 15, 11 am.  $20 per adult; $10 per child over 7.  No limit.09

E109 How about dinner el fresco on Idlers Rest in the summer of 2018 (Susan Ross will set a date before Labor Day and a menu responsive to food preferences and avoidances once the group is established).  Susan will act as chef for up to 8 people @ $20 per person.

E110  Sharpen your word skills and come to a Scrabble party at Judy LaLonde’s on October 26 , 6 pm.   $10 each.  Desserts, finger food and competition!  Limit 11 adults.

E111  A yearly favorite: huckleberry hunting on Grandmother Mountain near Clarkia. Saturday, August 11, join Diane Prorak and Al Poplawsky. Drive 1.5 hours out of Moscow to spend the day hiking, berry picking and eating–or just plain enjoying the spectacular mountain scenery. Ice cream will be available with which to adorn your huckleberries and treat your stomachs! Unlimited participants.  Family $25 or individual $10.

E112  Enjoy a Super Natural Delights Harvest Dinner with Peggy Jenkins. Enliven your palette with new dishes and international ingredients at this sumptuous vegetarian feast, along with cocktails, mocktails, beer and wine.  Sept. 8, 5:30-8 pm.  $30 per person for 12!

E113  Summer evening of games, wine and delicious desserts on the Faunce’s deck, 6:30 August 25. Limit to 10 people, $20.00 per person.

E114  Or enjoy dessert and games sponsored by Patricia Jessup and Pat Fuerst on Saturday  August 4, 6-8:30pm, Outdoor play station and indoor games, Dessert includes fresh fruit salad, Co-op ganache. $15 per person or $25 per family, Maximum of 15 people.

E115  A “Poe-Tea” sponsored by Jessie Campbell. Join a small group of poetry enthusiasts in reading favorite poems this fall as the days grow shorter and we start to turn towards this more introspective season on Jan. 19, birthday of featured poet Edgar Allen Poe. Tea and tea treats to be served. It’s not  high tea nor low tea but poetea!  $10 per person.

E116  Slide Show and Dessert: Paradores and Pousadas, a Trip to Portugal and Spain. Saturday, May 12, 7 pm at the DeTemples. $12/person 10 maximum

E117  Slide Show and Dessert: Baltic Sea Voyage, from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg. Saturday, October 13.  7 pm at the DeTemples. $12/person 10 maximum.

E118  Judy Brown and Steve Cooke offer an Indian dinner, on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 5:30 pm.  The full-course meal will be developed around a delicious lamb curry.  $40/person for 6 guests.

E119  Magical Mystery Slide Show with Dessert: Where is that place?  Margaret Dibble inherited a lots of slides from far and near.  Help her figure out where they were taken. $10. September 16, 6:30. Limit 10.

E120 An Easter tradition: Margaret Dibble is offering her Ukrainian Egg Class sometime next spring (2019) before Easter.  Adults $15, Kids$10, Must come with one or more parents. Family $25. No experience necessary. All materials supplied

E121  Sing up for an  INTERNATIONAL GOURMET DINNER hosted by Joan and Bill Webb and Marty Godchaux and Bill Bonnichsen.  We look forward very much to entertaining you with a multi-course dinner, featuring dishes from a variety of cuisines that harmonize well with each other. A Saturday in September at the Webb’s. $45 per person, limit

E126 The Quallens invite you for an evening of table top games–we have over 100 to choose from. Finger-food/dinner and camaraderie (or is it competition??)  We’ll hire a sitter so bring your children for pizza and snow cones, trampoline jumping and all-around mayhem (maybe they’ll even play a game or two of their own). $20/adult; $5/child.  Limit 8 adults. No limit on children.   Saturday June 30, 6 pm to games’ end!