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SS500   Help Peggy prepare for her service auction dinner (Aug. 24). You get to stay for dinner.  Open to 3 people at $25 each.

SS501  Marty Godchaux would very much like to have the support of her clever and kindly Garden Squirrel (Title from a charming childrens’ story),  during the 2019 growing season, including a couple of question-and-answer sessions, at the Squirrel’s convenience, some support and and a home visit and/or email if needed.  Marty will pay $200 for this service.

SS502 Service Wanted (continued from last year)  Master Creator of Costumes and genius Sue Engels: will you continue the scary, scary Spider Costume that was begun last year, and with fittings and shivering, it will be finished for Halloween 2019, for the delighted squeals of kids in Marty’s and Bill”s neighborhood. Marty will pay $200 for this service.