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SS500  The Webbs are offering $25 for someone with a chainsaw to cut up a tree stump at their home in Moscow.  Soon!

SS501   Judy LaLonde is offering $100 total for two people to come to Troy and wash down her log home, four sides, June or July.  No powerwash–just plain hose and water.  Ladder(s) provided for the two tall sides.

SS502  Karen Ward is looking for an accomplished orchardist to provide advice on pruning and fertilizing her fruit trees:  Soon!  $50 offered.

SS503  Peggy Jenkins is looking for three people to help with service auction dinner on Sept. 8, 2:30 – 5 pm. She’ll pay $25 each and they can stay for dinner, too!

SS504   Judy LaLonde will pay $25 for a person to come and help cook sausages and hamburger patties during the Family Picnic Sept. 15. Can join the crowd to eat!

SS505  Marty Godchaux is seeking support of her favorite “Garden Squirrel” (Title -from a charming children’s story) during this year’s gardening season (a few email consultations, plus one on-site visit at a mutually convenient time in the middle of the garden season, to recommend solutions to possible problems). Will pay $100 for this service. 

SS506  Margaret Dibble is willing to pay $100 to an artist wanted for mystery painting/drawing in secret location. No libel, slander or harm to animals involved.

SS507 Seeking a ride to the M-P airport needed Saturday, June 30,   Leave Moscow at 10 am. The Webbs will pay $25.00.