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LA 200  Always a favorite! The Leonards are offering a weekend (arrive Friday after 4 pm; depart Sunday before 11 am) at their Rosebud Cottage at Wallowa Lake. Available April through mid-May and from Sept. 10 through November, exclusive of holidays.   Starting at $100

LA201 Wow!  a Black Forest Cake,  Lovely chocolate layered cake homemade by Pam Arborgreen (Serves 10)  Start at $4

LA202  ” HIRE AN ARTIST”  Collage glass art piece by Pam Arborgreen, at Artsy Old Windows. YOU design it with Pam and it she will custom make it for you. Shadow box in a wooden frame.  Approx 10″ by 13, made from recycled and stained glass.   Starting bid $25

LA203  3 days and 2 nights in the fall at Windy Bay Cabin on Lake Coeur d’Alene offered by Cindy Magnuson.  Could include a weekend; but not Labor Day.    Starting at $100   (see the poster)

LA204  The Urie Farms package:  a) Fresh eggs from some very loved backyard hens: one dozen each month from April until November (or when they slow down production in the fall) *18 packs available in the summer months upon request at no additional charge*  b) Organically grown/pesticide free Raspberries: frozen or fresh- you choose! (one quart- provided between June and July)  c) Organically grown/pesticide free Golden Plums:Frozen or fresh- you choose! (two gallons- provided between late August/early September)  Suggested starting bid: $50

LA205  Marcus Smith has crafted a  16” x 12” finished oak sign:  “ Welcome Kind Friends and Kindred Spirits”  with painted letters and winged heart, with ready-to-hang hardware on the back, suitable for a front porch, entryway, kitchen, etc.   Starting bid $25

LA206  Sailing trip for two: Join Skipper Bill and First Mate Karen Ward aboard Knotless II, our sweet San Juan 23 sailboat. We’ll sail on either Pend o’Reille or Coeur d’Alene to be determined with buyer’s input. They will provide delicious food and beverages and lovely scenery.  Note: “Sailing” means “under sail if at all possible; motoring if the wind doesn’t cooperate.” flexibility is a plus, in the pursuit of good sailing conditions. Worse-case scenario is a pleasant cruise and lively conversation. Opening bid $100.

LA207  April Rubino will provide a customized, original song on the subject chosen by the purchaser. There will be a few musical styles to choose from, and she will provide an audio recording along with sheet music or a lyric/chord sheet.Possible topics could include a song about and or for a loved one or celebrating the good deeds of an individual or describing the plight of a particular group to raise awareness and gather support.  Minimum bid $150.

LA208  The minister-sublime (you know who she is) offers to prepare a Sunday Service on the topic of your choice (with her approval).  Minimum bid $100.

LA209 The UUCP Building and Grounds Committee offers maple firewood from the trees that were cut in front of the church last summer. We estimate there are 1.5 cords of wood.  It will be split, delivered and stacked at your place before next winter with the aid of the youth group.  The rounds are now piled in the alley west of the Yellow House, so take a look. Starting bid $250.

LA210  Collect rainwater in your garden from your roof. Joe Hamilton will make a new red 50 gallon rain barrel that can be filled from a downspout. Top is fitted with a screen to keep out mosquitoes and there is a spout near the bottom to fill a watering can or attach a hose Minimum bid $75.

LA211  Martha Schmidt is continuing to donate her weekly flower arrangements, May-Oct, to the lucky bidder.  Starting bid $75.

Other desserts to be auctioned and delivered as agreed with buyer and seller:

  • Margaret Dibble’s gooseberry pie
  • Marilyn Von Seggern’s lemon almond butter cake
  • Judy Meuth’s elegant rhubarb upside down cake
  • Marisa Gibler’s lemon meringue pie
  • “Big Love” cookies by Alora from the Uries
  • TWO cheesecakes from Joseph Erhard-Hudson