It’s a fundraiser; It’s a party Friday, April 17. Mark your calendar now! Those wearing blue will receive a “blue buck” to use at the dessert table.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to make your donation.

Soon, you’ll be able to check on the links below the see the list of items already available.   (Updated daily)

The social part of the service auction happens whenever UUCP folks get together–discussion, laughter, sharing, eating (along with some entertainment, wine and coffee)!

The fundraising part entails sellers and buyers/bidders. A silent auction, a live auction, scrumptious desserts by the piece, services–all offered by generous members and paid for by just as generous successful bidders.

To help out with the Service Auction, sign up here:


The doors to the sanctuary will open at 6:15 pm for newcomers to get first dibs. Everyone else can enter at 6:30. Everyone gets a bid number to use. Tables are laid out with bid sheets–Sign up using your bid number.

Buy and enjoy a desserts by the piece; imbibe wine or other beverages (free). Lively entertainment at 7 pm. Then enjoy and participate in the bidding on the live auction items.

No money is collected at the service auction. A week or two after the event, a computer-generated report for each person will be available to pick up in the fellowship hall. It will show what was successfully bid on and the amount owed. It will also show who purchased/was a successful bidder on what you offered.

Child care available and elementary-age children can join in special fun in the Yellow House.


What goes into the auction and what could you offer?  Your imagination is the limit! Anything from bridge lessons to four course dinners; from babysitting to hikes; from earrings to grandfather clocks (just to mention a few items from past years). Think this way:

  • Do you have a special skill you could teach? Offer a class for a certain number of participants for a certain amount of money, date and time to be arranged.
  • Can you provide some labor? Rake leaves, clean gutters, wash windows, organize a garage, trim trees.
  • Could you offer an evening of babysitting? A spring cleaning of someone’s kitchen? Help with painting?
  • Do you have some equipment that you could lend or use with someone else (e.g., a truck,a power washer)?
  • Have you traveled somewhere and would like to show your slides (along with a tasty dessert)?
  • Would you like to host a dinner for four, for eight, for two?
  • Do you have something that you no longer want but you know someone else might cherish? (No garage sale item stuff, please.)
  • Would you like to lead a hike, a bike ride, a visit to some special place?

You can also make a request for a service–e.g., you would like someone to teach you how to use Facebook. ASK!

Fill out the form below (COMING)  or email information to–PLEASE don’t wait until the last minute!!!

[Reminders: Include suggested price for all items; for events, include number of persons/children allowed]


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