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SA300 A basket of llamas: stuffed llama and a variety of other llama items offered by Judy LaLonde. Basket alone valued at $10. Opening bid $10.

SA301, SA302 Two archival geclee prints on canvas (approx 2 x 4) of photography. Artist: Dennis Rosvall (Zena Hartung’s husband’s work 2000-2014). Starting bids $50. One of the main reasons giclee prints are expensive is the cost of the materials used in the printing process ($150). Giclee printers use high-quality, archival-grade inks and papers to produce images that will last for decades without fading or yellowing.

SA303 Sara Holup is offering an antique chair. Seat and back padded with needlepoint (tan with flowers) and folds up flat. Beginning bid $15.

SA304 A new Charlie Paige cape offered by Elisabeth Berlinger: suggested retail $35. Bidding starts at $10.

SA305 Elisabeth Berlinger is offering a new Cabela’s fishing catch-all gear bag. Bidding starts at $5.

SA306 Decorative glass bottle with Fairy lights.  Surface of the bottle is decorated with a handmade Pam Arborgreen glass collage! Value of $30.Starting bid of $3

SA307 Pam Arborgreen offers a camping canopy 6 ft by 6 ft, attractive, water-resistant and in very good condition.  Recommended for back patio use before taking into a campground. Tie down weights are not included. Value of $75.  Starting bid of $10.

SA308 Offered by Pam Arborgreen, a Garden Wagon: Large, used, dark green metal, heavy wagon with removable sides. Value of about $85.  Starting silent auction bid of $8.

SA309 Pam Arborgreen is offering her handknit dishcloths.  Bid on three.  Opener $5.

SA310 Bid on an antique, collectible covered candy dish of Moonstone opalescent hob-nob glass by Anchor Hocking. Donated by Pam Arborgreen, Value $20.  Starting bid of $3.

SA311 Painting donated by Pam Arborgreen and Dave Smestad. Dave Smestad is a long time Pullman resident, a MFA grad from WSU and is a friend of the UUCP. Original art piece. Acrylic on wood.  Features geometrical and symmetrical design.  Approx  Value of $245.  Starting silent auction bid of $30 man resident, a MFA grad from WSU and is a friend of the UUCP.

SA312 Shadowbox art piece donated by Pam Arborgreen and Dave Smestad. Dave Smestad is a long time Pullman resident, a MFA grad from WSU and is a friend of the UUCP. Shadowbox art piece, approx 10″ by 14″, and features still-life.  Approx value of $150.  Min silent auction bid of $20

SA313 Beaded moon goddess, made by Elisabeth Berlinger, start at $20.00

SA314 Donated by Dave Smestad and Pam Arborgreen, a door frame fitting chin up bar. The grip area is covered with padded foam. Gently used. Value: $20. Start bid at $1

SA315 For readers of Ryan Urie’s column in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News–win this and choose the topic for b a future piece! (Note: Topic must be relevant and appropriate for the local paper; what stance to take on the topic will be at the writer’s discretion.) Suggested opening bid: $25

SA316Four decoupaged fruit crate labels by Pam Arborgreen, sold in one lot (vintage). Value:  $15 Start bid at $2.

SA317 Quart of Gravenstein Apple sauce from Margaret Dibble’s Tree. Additional quarts may be available at the final price. Opening bid $5.

SA318 The Rathman’s offer an authentic Stained glass lantern made in Denmark. 10”x6”dis. Fair value $150. Bid start at $90.
SA319, 320, 321 Art pieces offered by Marilyn Seggern: La Tour Eiffel print by Raoul Dufy; African village scene and photo montage: Lyon, France, and Prague Czech Republic, by local artist Kathleen Ryan. Starting bid for each $10.

SA322/ Necklace, 16″ with matching earrings by East Ocean Designs. Red and bronze glass beads with gold-filled spacers. Handcrafted by UUCP member Jane Estocin. Starting bid of $15. Offered by Mary George.

SA323 1000 piece puzzle offered by Judy LaLonde: Raven Rendezvous. Starting bid $5.

SA324 Fandex field guide to composers offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $5.

SA325 Egyptian hieroglyphs stamp set offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $5.

SA326 Decorative wall hanging plate set offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $10.

SA327 Three headed dragon puppet offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $5

SA328 Pampered chef apple peeler/corer/slicer offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $10

SA329 Set of 6 Garfield cartoon paperbacks offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $1

SA330 A ceramic cut flower holder offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $10

SA331 Decorative indoor wall barometer/thermometer offered by Diane Prorak. Minimum bid $10</stro

SA332Ice cream making ball for camping and picnics offered by Diane Prorak. Minimum bid $10

SA333 Classic ship’s bell clock, wind up offered by Diane Prorak. minimum bid $15

SA334 LP vinyl record of famous Orson Wells 1938 radio thriller offered by Dan Rathman. Bid starts at $10

SA335 Dan Rathman offers an art-object lamp dated 2005 by Hampton Bay. Resembles Tiffany or Frank Lloyd Wright style; no longer made. Bid starts at $40.

SA336 Unused book “Working the Wilderness” includes stories of Selway Bitterroot offered by Dan Rathman. Signed by author. Bid starts at $14.

SA337 Play along LP record of jazz includes sheet music to accompany it offered by Dan Rathman. Bid starts $15.

SA338 Sue Engels has donated a basket made by a Native Alaskan, possibly an Inuit woman, in the early 70s originally purchased from a fine arts dealer in Anchorage, AK, in 1974. It is 10 1/2 inches from the bottom to the top of the lid. The basket is 7 1/2 inches across at its widest part. Bid starts at

SA339 Box of 12 well-used matchbox vehicles donated by Milo Flint. $10 for the entire box.

SA340 A set of 5 miniature airplanes offered by Milo Flint. Starting at $5.

SA341 Peggy Jenkins donated a large, framed photograph of a barn. The piece is 41 X 29 and it is by a photographer name Neils Neilsen. It’s really nice. He sells the same print on his web page for $316. Bid starts at $25.

SA342 A boxed set of Cormac McCarthy books called “The Passenger” donated by Peggy Jenkins. Bid starts at $10,.

SA343 Set of 6 Donna Bradberry’s art cards with envelopes. 6 different scenes from Donna’s original paintings. Bidding starts at $12.

SA344 From the Boughton/Cantrells, a framed acrylic beach by Phelps from the 1990’s. Opening bid $30.

SA345 Also from the Boughton/Cantrells, a framed poster of two children from the 1980’s, limited edition. Opening bid $30.

SA346 A Viking themed resin chess set from the Boughton/Cantrells. The chess set is a bunch of hefty historically based characters that would be really fun to use on a large chess board. Chess board is not included. It is probably 30 years old, seldom used. Sets like this run $150-$300. Opening bid $30.

SA347 You buy this to make Steve Flint match your bid! It is the thing that was outside the Yellow House where a code let you get at the keys that were in the little box. It installs simply with several screws. Steve Flint kept the identical one from the church. He will match someone’s offer!

SA348-349 Handmade by Mary Jo Hamilton, smocked dress for the tiny princess in your life. Two dresses, one blue with white flowers, one pale blue. Machine washable. beginning bid $20.

SA350 George Bederian offers a book of black and white photographs by Moscow photographer Bill Voxman titled “The Human Condition: From Elation to Sorrow.” Hardcover, 10.25 x 12″, 186 pages, published 202 Retails for $40.  Starting bid $10.

SA351 “Garbology our dirty love affair with trash” donated by Dan Rathman. Bid starts at $5.00

SA352-SA353 Helicopters! Steve Flint is offering a challenge: Fly these. Two very light helicopters, controller, batteries, battery charger, instructions. Originally cost over $200.  Warning: they are hard to fly. Bid starts at $20 each.

SA354 Four miniature construction vehicles offered by Milo Flint. Bid starts at $5 for set.

SA355 Silver and amethyst necklace and bracelet. Offered by Judy Meuth. Starting bid $15

SA356 Collection of seven bead necklaces. Starting bid $5. Offered by Judy Meuth.

SA357 Judy Meuth is offering an unusual, shape-able necklace – a piece of art? a piece of jewelry? a grown-up toy? Minimum bid $10.

SA358 Apron with UU chalice embroidery offered by Patricia Jessup. Opening bid $10,

SA359 Painting on black velvet of native American Conquering Bear by Paha Ska offered by Karen Baron. The framed dramatic painting is 18-1/2″ wide and 22″ high. Paha Ska’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 40 USD to 175 USD. Since 2019 the record price for this artist at auction is 175 USD for Sioux tanned hide hand painted with figures, sold at Link Auction Galleries in 2019. The artist died in 2005. Bidding starts at $20.

SA360-362 Colorful Aprons-“Making Baking Fun Again” one cookie tray at a time. Homemade by Pam Peterson and uniquely crafted for this 2023 Service Auction. Value of $25 ea. Min bid $4.

SA363 31″x21″ color photo signed by Allison Meyer offered by Pam Peterson. Palouse green scene.
Framed and behind glass. Values: about $50 to $100+. Opening bid $10.

SA364 29 Spindles from stage railing. These were saved from demolition of the railing at the front of the UUCP sanctuary. Starting bid $1.00. State how many you want.

SA365 20 Stairway Spindles. These were saved from demolition of the rear staircase to the second-floor office at the rear of the UUCP sanctuary. There are 16 long and 4 shorter ones. Starting bid $1.00. State how many you want.

SA366 Mirror saved from demolition of the bathroom in the UUCP basement. Starting bid $5.

SA367 Antique light fixture. Saved from demolition of the second-floor office at the rear of the UUCP sanctuary. Starting bid $1.00

Special! Steve Flint is offering 30 Japanese ceramic tiles (flower designs) that were extracted from the Yellow House kitchen. $5/each.