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S0400 Digital Photography 1.0, offered by Duane DeTemple
In three sessions of 1 to 1 1/2 hours each, covering these topics:
I. Taking photos (composition, lighting, using camera features)
2. Processing photos (basic editing such as cropping and color/brightness corrections, organizing into files with ratings and tags)
3. Presentation of your photos (create a slideshow, make a photo book, post to FB)
Any digital camera from smartphone to DSLR is fine. Limit 2 @ $45 each.
Session Times: to be arranged

S0401 Beginners Pickleball Lesson: Pickleball is a great way to exercise and meet new people and is played by all ages in Moscow, especially retirees. Melissa Luna, an avid player since early 2022, will provide 90 minutes of instruction on the basics of the game for up to two players. Melissa will supply the equipment for the outdoor lesson. Bring water and wear appropriate athletic shoes for sport. Fall weekend date/time to be determined. Beginning bid $10/each for 2 winners

S0402 A Poetry-Writing Workshop for Absolute Beginners! Many people feel intimidated by the thought of writing or even reading poetry, but we all have a unique poetic voice just waiting to be explored. In this two-hour workshop, led by Ryan Urie, we will discuss what poetry is, why it matters, rhyming vs. free verse, and how to get more enjoyment out of reading poetry. You will get to write several original poems during the workshop. Limit: 10 participants @ $25 each.

S0403 A 4-hour Collage Glass Class taught by Pam Arborgreen at the UUCP Fellowship Hall. Make a 10×12 shadowbox window! Maximum 12; minimum age of 10 and children need to be accompanied by an enrolled adult. Price: $20 reimbursement to Pam for materials and $40 to the UUCP for a total of $60 each. The date TBD, most likely in late Nov. or early Dec 2023.

S0404 Judy LaLonde will turn your child’s original art into a quilted wall hanging. Negotiate with Judy on art selected. 6 months to deliver. Opening bid $45.

S0405-406 Folk Dance Lessons:
Session 1, Kendeme, Ali Pasha, Podarki Friday Sept 22nd
Session 2. Vrapcheto, Setnja, Damat Hayli, Friday Sept 29th
These dances are gender neutral and non-partner. Alternate dates are possible and dances can be substituted to reflect the buyer’s ethnic heritage. $15/person, no limit on numbers.

S0407 Judy Becker will make 5 custom ordered dog collars for Medium (Border Collie size) to large (Lab size) dogs.  $25 each. You will be able to pick the style of collar, color of webbing, and pattern of ribbon for their custom collar.  It will be a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your “Furbaby.” Style of collars available: Chain martingale, Fabric martingale, Side Release Buckle heavy duty.

S0408 Learn How to Make Dryer Balls with Kat Clancy. She will provide the materials to make a dryer ball, decorated or plain and you will receive directions and a felting needle to take home tomake more on your own. This will be a two-hour class with 4- 6 people. We will meet in my home and there will be refreshments. Classes will meet in October with dates and times TBD. I will teach as many classes as needed to accommodate however many sign up. Dryer balls fluff the clothes as they dry, absorb water that is then released as steam as the clothing dries, eliminating the need for dryer sheets. Open to anyone age 16 and up. Children between the ages of 10 and 15 can sign up with a parent. $25 per person.

S0409 For every donation of $50, the new Koffee Kueen, Kat Clancy, will take coffee duties on one Sunday of the coming year. OR you can sign up to take coffee duties on a Sunday in the coming year. If you want to do coffee duties, donate $50.

S0410 Dennis and Hydee Becker will come to your home and take one truck load of unwanted items to the dump. This service includes loading up the truck. Opening bid $20.

S0411 An oil painting of your pet from a photo by Diane Cole. You can choose from an 8 x 10 or 11 x 14. Bidding starts at $50.

S0412-SO415 Four 90 min deep tissue massages available from Danielle Watson of Lotus Transformations. The value of the treatments are $120 each. Bidding begins at $80.

S0416-SO418 3 hours of family history research on (Not very useful for non-English speaking countries). Charla Willis is willing to do up to 3 separate offers. Beginning bid $25.

S0419 Knife sharpening service offered by Mark Willis. He will sharpen your kitchen or other non-serrated knives, matching the current bevel or using the angle of your choice using my Ruixin Pro setup. I’m an amateur but get our own knives very sharp (even Ruby’s high-carbon Japanese chef’s knife).Bid starts at about $2 per inch.

 S0420 Kane Anderson is donating a miniature painting class 1 on 1. Date/time/place to be arranged with winning bidder. Opening bid $15.