Affirmed by the Congregation March 18, 2012
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse

A covenant is a promise we make to ourselves about how we want to treat each other with respect. These promises are ideals, and this document is a record of our highest aspirations. This is a living document and as such will grow and change as we do. Should we find ourselves breaking these promises, this covenant will serve as a reference and a reminder of our agreements.

Member to Self

I will be kind to myself, know my limitations and understand my motivations when I volunteer.
I will follow my own spiritual path and pursue my own spiritual and intellectual growth.
I will thoughtfully choose what I do and work to do it well.
I will participate regularly and be informed about church activities.
I will have a positive attitude, be receptive to new ideas and be open to change.

Member to Member

I will communicate appropriately, honestly and kindly.
I will speak directly to people rather than speak about them.
I will assume good will while keeping an open heart and mind.
I will allow others to speak and I will listen.
I will keep confidences.
I will honor the spiritual journeys of others even when they are different from mine.
I will practice inclusiveness by getting to know others in the church community, including new members and visitors.

Member to Minister

I will communicate directly when there are important things he/she should know.
I will respect the minister’s authority to plan and lead worship.
I will listen to the minister with an open mind and willing spirit, and I will be open to the minister’s ideas and suggestions.
I will understand and support the job of the minister while recognizing his/her expertise and authority.
I will respect the minister’s time and privacy.
I will support the minister by willingly taking on tasks and seeing them through.
I will respect the minister’s need to keep confidentiality.
I will commit enough financially to compensate the minister generously.
I will encourage the minister’s personal spiritual growth and practice.

Member to Leadership and Board

I will accept the decisions of leadership, trusting them even when I don’t agree. My voice is one among many and I will recognize the diversity of values and opinions in our congregation.
I will communicate concerns and ideas directly to board members and leaders in respectful ways.
I will make the effort to know who our leaders are, what their roles are and the issues that concern them.
I will take my tum in leadership when I can and encourage others to become leaders too.
I will support the work of leaders by participating in the activities and opportunities they create. I will respond when asked to help.
I will be respectful to the people who take on leadership tasks, always mindful of their contributions to our collective benefit. I will thank them for what they do.

Member to Staff

I will commit enough financially to compensate staff generously, including professional development and adequate supplies and equipment.
I will volunteer when asked and offer my help when I see a need I can fill.
I will bring my concerns directly to appropriate staff members and/or their supervisors.
I will not discuss staff members with other staff members.
I will express gratitude, provide a positive work environment and acknowledge the valuable work staff does.
I will respect the supervisory relationship between the minister and the staff.
I will respect all staff members’ work spaces, expertise, time commitments and job descriptions.

Member to the Larger Community

I will work with interfaith groups to pursue common goals.
I will participate in Unitarian Universalist activities beyond our congregational level including participating in general assemblies and district meetings and I will attend other Unitarian Universalist Churches when opportunities arise.
I will help on whatever level I am able to connect and reach out to community in times of crisis and evident need.
I will wear my UU identity with pride.
I will connect my Unitarian Universalist principles to what I do in the community.