In effort to promote the safety and security of our congregational community and the sanctuary in which we gather, the UUCP Safety Committee has been formed to better communicate and address potential health and safety concerns in the ongoing operations of our ministry. This committee will endeavor to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, enhance security, maintain preparedness in response to emergencies, and ultimately foster safety awareness.

Responsibilities and Scope

  • Recognize and identify on-site hazards and/or risks which may result in incidents, injuries, or illness.
  • Mitigate potential security risks, hostile intrusions, or vandalism through awareness, prevention, deterrence, and appropriate response training.
  • Utilize UUA ‘Safe Congregation’ checklists to assure safeguard consistency.
  • Respond to notifications, complaints, or suggestions concerning health and safety issues. Monitor and follow-up recommended actions.
  • Consult with local Emergency Response Authorities (Police, Fire Dept., Hospitals) to address response planning, preparations, and coordination.
  • Report current activities and make recommendations regarding pending concerns to UUCP Staff, Board of Trustees, and/or Operations Committee.
  • Seek advice and sanctions to establish relevant policy and protocol from UUCP Staff, Operations Committee, as well as other UUCP committees.
  • Initiate and promote Emergency Medical Response training and education for Staff, response teams, or any interested participants in our community.

Committee Membership and Expectations

As of November 2022, current Safety Committee members are comprised of the following, including an appointed Chair and a UUCP Staff representative:

Marcus Smith – Chair

Ginger Allen – Staff representative

Rodney Frey

Pat Eaton

Juno Peterson-Pope

Rich Alldredge

  • This committee will regularly meet twice per month on the second and forth Sunday, 11:30 — 12:00 pm, in the church third floor meeting room unless otherwise noted.
  • Membership on the committee is voluntary and there is no expectation to serve a specified term. Members may resign at any time by notification made to the committee chair. A minimum of three members in consultation per meeting will comprise a quorum for purposes of initiating projects, planning activities, and program decision making. Any changes in committee membership will be provided by notice to the Board of Trustees.
  • The Committee Chair in conjunction with the Staff Representative will provide regular summary reports to the Operations Committee and Board regarding current activities which may include proposed safety initiatives, recommended policy changes, or motions seeking approval of funds for specific safety program purposes. A Committee meeting agenda will be distributed to the members prior to each meeting and will serve as a record of committee activities, proposals, and resolutions.

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