We strive to help newcomers, members and friends find fulfillment in congregational life. From the moment an individual enters our church on Sunday morning, and continuing indefinitely, we focus on providing a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere so that all will feel a sense of belonging.

Responsibilities and Scope

We have a core committee who meet regularly to set procedures for meeting the needs of our members, friends and visitors. We focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Welcoming: We offer visitors nametags and information and develop Greeter best practices so that everyone is met warmly and provided needed information. We maintain a list of newcomers’ contact information.
  • Integration of Newcomers: We guide interested individuals on the path to active involvement.
  • Pastoral Care and In-reach: We encourage all members to find enrichment and fulfillment through active church involvement. We nourish a culture of {radical} hospitality.
  • Data Tracking: We collect newcomers’ contact information. We keep membership and attendance records required for UUA certification.

General Committee Expectations

It is the expectation of the UUCP congregation and Board of Directors that all committees will transparently conduct their business within the letter and spirit of the UUCP vision, mission, and bylaws. Committees are required to do the following:

  • Once per year, provide a short written report to the Board summarizing the committee’s activities during the previous year and plans for the year ahead. This report can be included as part of a budget request but is required whether a committee requests funding from the Board or not. This report must include the name and contact information of the Committee’s current chair.
  • Stay within their allotted budget (if applicable).
  • Retain meeting minutes or some other record of committee decisions and activities.
  • Notify the Board whenever the committee chair changes.

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