Our mission is to collect information on environmental and sustainability issues in order to educate ourselves, other local groups, and the community at large.

Responsibilities and Scope

We will seek out and share scientifically verifiable data to promote knowledgeable decision making through community dialog. We would like to provide a pulpit for all local environmental groups to share their issues in order to preserve and protect our world.

General Committee Expectations

It is the expectation of the UUCP congregation and Board of Directors that all committees will transparently conduct their business within the letter and spirit of the UUCP vision, mission, and bylaws. Committees are required to do the following:

  • Once per year, provide a short written report to the Board summarizing the committee’s activities during the previous year and plans for the year ahead. This report can be included as part of a budget request but is required whether a committee requests funding from the Board or not. This report must include the name and contact information of the Committee’s current chair.
  • Stay within their allotted budget (if applicable).
  • Retain meeting minutes or some other record of committee decisions and activities.
  • Notify the Board whenever the committee chair changes.

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